We’ve been using Pampers Pants for the past two weeks and we have 100% been won over! They fit so comfortable and although we don’t get through a whole night, he is definitely sleeping better without his nappy digging into his milk belly.

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So Albie and I have joined the Pampers Squad as part of the milk belly team! We were sent a myth-buster starter kit including a packet of size 4 nappy pants and some coupons! I’ve wanted to change him to nappy pants for a little while but Pampers price has always put me off because ‘Is it worth it?’ So we’re give them a go and let you know! The idea of them is that they will expand with your babies milk belly and prevent any night time leaks! Albie doesn’t sleep well at all and come morning his nappy always seems uncomfortable on him... I’m already pretty happy with them and as you can see, so is Albie! So much he tried to eat the packet 😂 he seems very comfortable and they aren’t restricting his moment at all, he even started rolling side to side and kicking his legs about while giggling which is a good sign! Tomorrow I will use a balloon to show you how well they expand.. the idea of the balloon is that it represents little ones milk belly! AD/ #pamperssquad @pampersuk_ire #pampersmilkbellytest #pampersnappypants #giftedforreview #baby #babyboy #mummy #mummyblogger #mummyblog #mummybloggeruk #mummybloggers #almostfivemonths #albie #smile #babysmiles #babysmilesarethebest #pamper #pamperpackage #happybaby #noleaks #movefreely #theyseemerollin #pampersquad #pampersbaby #isitworthit

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