Conditions of participation for Pampers Moments

By entering the Pampers Moments competition, you accept the following:

1. The organisers

The "Pampers Moments" competitions are run by Procter & Gamble UK. Hereafter referred to as the Pampers Squad Team.

2. The participants

All members of the Pampers Squad who are aged over 18 y.o. and reside in the UK are eligible to take part. Participation via lottery clubs, registration services as well as automated and multiple entries are not permitted. Employees of the Pampers Squad are excluded from participation.

3. Rewards

The rewards for the Moment that stands out will be announced at the beginning of each month.

4. How do I take part?

In order to take part, you have to submit a "Moment", which will be approved by the Pampers Squad Team and will be posted on the "Pampers Moments" page for the other Squaddies to vote, within the respective period and agree to the conditions of participation. A winner will be selected when the end of each month's theme is announced.

5. How is the winner chosen?

The winning Moment of the Month will be selected based as to what extent the submission meets the criteria for the monthly theme, set by the Pampers Squad

The decision about who will be awarded the moment of the month is decided at the sole discretion of the Pampers Squad team.

The winner will be notified by the Pampers Squad Team via email at the email address given when registering. In the event that a winning notification cannot be delivered, the Pampers Squad will be under no obligation to investigate further and there shall be no claim to the prize.

6. What are the criteria for a good Pampers Moment?

The winning Pampers Moment will be decided at the sole discretion of the Pampers Squad team. General criteria the Pampers Squad team uses when choosing the winning Pampers Moment are:

These may not be the exclusive criteria for selecting a Moment of the Month, and these may differ on a monthly basis at the sole discretion of the Pampers Squad Team.

7. Exclusion of participants

The Pampers Squad Team reserve the right to exclude participants who provide false or incomplete information or who otherwise violate the conditions of participation. If the conditions for exclusion are met, prizes can be withdrawn retrospectively or prizes already handed over can be reclaimed. The Pampers Squad Team reserve the right request additional information if there is a suspicion of grounds for exclusion. If the Pampers Squaddie does not respond within the time limit set by the Pampers Squad Team, the Pampers Squad Team reserves the right to exclude participants from taking part in further competitions. Further grounds for exclusion are regulated in sections 2 and 4.

8. Data protection and advertising

The Pampers Squad Team will not pass any contact data to third parties.

9. Exclusion of liability

The Pampers Squad does not accept any responsibility for data loss, in particular those caused by data transmission, technical defects or lost, damaged or delayed submissions due to network, hardware or software problems. Any warranty claims of the winners are excluded.

10. Change/adjustment of the competition

The Pampers Squad Team reserves the right to change or discontinue the competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In particular, the Pampers Squad Team shall be entitled to suspend, terminate or suspend the competition if an attempted misuse is ascertained by manipulation, if proper execution is no longer ensured, in particular in the event of hardware or software failure, program errors, computer viruses or unauthorized interventions by third parties as well as mechanical, technical or legal problems.

11. Ineffectiveness of individual clauses

Should any clause of these terms and conditions be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

12. Transfer, cash payment, legal action

United Kingdom laws apply. A cash payment in place of a prize is not possible. Winnings are non-transferable. Legal recourse is excluded.

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