Thank You Midwives

I wrote this post the raise awareness for all that midwives do. I wouldn't have got through my pregnancy without mine especially my hospital midwife Mandy Lisle in Nevill Hall she deserves so much that I wish I could give because I don't know where I would have been without Her! Midwives and amazing people!

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May 5th this Month was International Day of Midwife. I want to give out a MASSIVE thank you to midwives. When I was pregnant because I was moving a lot I went through 6 different midwives and each one was great and so helpful but the one midwife that amazing was the one in the hospital. She was so great I was panicking and being difficult and mostly out of it because of gas and air but she was brilliant and I wouldn't have got through it without her (and my dad). Her name is Mandy Lisle from Nevill Hall Hospitial in Abergavenny. I never got to go back and thank her so much and wish I did but I moved. So if you see this thank you! Midwives deserve so much respect for such a difficult job. @pampersuk_ire #pamperssquad #thankyoumidwife #thankyoumidwives #idm2019 #pampersparent #shoutouttomidwives #midwifelove #nevillhall #raiseawarenessforwhattheydo #respectmidwives #raiseacuppa #babylove #pampersnappypants

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