Pampers mummy’s month

Seeing my baby as natural as she can be, kicking her legs and smiling up at me in her comfy pampers nappy is 1 of the best feelings I’ve ever had

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#AD | Thank you @pampersuk_ire for sending us some of our favourite nappies & letting us be a part of the #pamperssquad - As this month is all about Mother’s Day (and my first ever 1!!) I thought I’d share my favourite things about becoming a mumma. I can honestly say that since becoming a mum I have found a whole new kind of love for someone that I never thought was even possible! Seeing my baby look up at me and smile fills my heart more than anything else ever could. I love that I have been able to feed my child from my own body after battling for weeks with breastfeeding! I love watching her grow and change every day, learning new things and becoming such a character. I love that I will always be Aaliyah’s mum now & knowing she will always be loved so much and never have to question it! 💖 Mother’s Day will forever be my favourite ‘holiday’ or occasion now as nothing could ever come close to the feeling of being a mum for me. I love every minute of it and am so happy to have been blessed with the most beautiful soul as my daughter 💖💖 #pampersmummysmonth

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