Share your Pampers Moments

Pampers Moments give us the chance to share our special moments with our little one, and to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes every month!

In order to share your Pampers Moments with us and the other Squaddies, your posts need to be publicly visible. Find out how to choose the right settings for your posts, so that you are eligible to take part in our monthly competition.


Right under the text field of your post, on the left side of the "Post" button, you will find the visibility settings. Click on the box and select "public", so that other Squaddies can also view your post.

Keep in mind: Facebook "remembers" the settings you use everytime you post. The next time you want to publish something make sure you select again the appropriate visibility. Your settings can be adjusted even after the post has been published.


If you own a public account on Instagram, then your personal posts will always be publically visible by default. If you have set your account as "private", you can make your posts visible by changing this in your profile settings.

If you would like to keep your Instagram profile private, but share an individual Instagram post with us - you can do this (but it's a little more complicated!). To make an individual post visible, you can do this by sharing it on your Facebook profile with "public" visibility. To do this, you should link your Instagram and Facebook accounts. For iOS and Android, follow these steps:


Before uploading your video, you can set the privacy settings accordingly to determine who can view it. The settings can be found on the right, under "Privacy".

The "public" visibility option is preset by default; which means that your video can be seen by everyone and thus visible to all Squaddies. This setting can also be edited afterwards.

Share your Pampers Moments

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