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Our February theme is all about:

Sharing Pure love

Back in June 2018 us Squaddies became the #PurePioneers, the very first who tested Pampers Pure nappies in an exclusive Squad Project and introduced them to the nation.

Thanks to our activity many parents fell in love with the Pure protection and the new fancy animal designs on each size of the Pampers Pure nappies.

Squaddie shorty411 for example, shared during the Pure Project:

We are #TeamLlama (size 4). Love the design and how soft these are, my son has started bringing me the nappies to be changed so I assume he loves how they feel as he has never done this before.

This month, whether you're #TeamSloth, #TeamRabbit, #TeamOtter, #TeamLlama or #TeamCorgi, you can represent your team, share Pure love and claim this month's prize:

- Post a snap of your little one in their Pampers Pure nappies
- Share Squad love in a comment and let us know why you love your little one wearing Pampers Pure
- Based on the animal design on your little ones' Pampers Pure nappies, use the appropriate hashtag of your team (#TeamSloth, #TeamRabbit, #TeamOtter, #TeamLlama or #TeamCorgi), along with #PampersSquad & #PampersMoments

Send us your URL links and spread Squad-love this February! The Pure moment that will stand out, will win a month's supply of Pampers Pure nappies.

Send us your Moments

Our Hero Daddy <3

Taken to the top of the highest tower (according to our daughter) where she is the a queen and her daddy is King, her brother, also named Thomas after his daddy hehe is a Prince! Mummy was a wimp and stayed at the bottom haha

My Hero Helen!

This is Mr T - He’s my world and I can’t imagine life without him but I know how scared I was of how I’d cope with labour and having a baby as we got closer to his due date! There were a few complications along the way both before and during our labour/birth BUT when I was in the labour ward, hooked up to machines and drips and unable to move from the bed without setting off alarms I knew I was going to be ok and I was going to have an amazing, life changing little boy arriving very soon, and that was down to 2 people being there! My husband of course, was amazing but without Helen - our Midwife - giving me the confidence in my own ability to keep going I think I’d have been a mess after 18 hours of active labour! She was a truly wonderful and I can’t thank her enough and I’m sure so many other mothers feel the same about their midwives and that’s why I’m working with Pampers supporting their #ThankYouMidwife Campaign! You’ll be able to read my full Birth Story over on my Blog later this month but for now I’d love you to share your birth experiences using #ThankYouMidwife and tagging @pampersworld - Each time this hashtag is used Pampers will donate £1 to the Midwives Benevolent Fund so please get sharing!

Visit to my Grandad

We visited my Grandad at his Resthome in Bournemouth so he could meet his newest great grandchild!

My Daddy, My Hero! ♥️

The first picture is from our family photo shoot, and as expected Ava only wanted to be held by Daddy. Safe to say he is most definitely her favourite person. The other pictures I’ve selected are them doing what they do best.. spending time together :) xxx

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Hollycoleman • 13/02/2019 - 08:49

My pack still hasn’t arrived, hope to see mine soon

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