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Congratulations to Squaddie Clairewiltshire87 - our Moment of the month for December Congratulations to Squaddie Clairewiltshire87 - our Moment of the month for December
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Our theme for January:

Milk bellies and leakage protection!

We have an amazing new project with Pampers Nappy Pants coming up soon that’s all about preventing leakages to help you and your little one get an uninterrupted night’s sleep. You see, after a night-time feed, your little one’s belly expands and as the night goes on it shrinks again. We call it the ‘milk belly’ effect and it can cause ordinary nappies to gap and leak.

Pampers Nappy Pants fit snug to your little one’s tum and adjust as their milk belly rises and falls. Want to experience this for yourself? Well you can do so by performing the Milk Belly Tests. As usual, these tips and tricks are not just for ourselves, but we hope to share them with our parent pals so that they too can experience the benefits of Pampers leakage protection.

The Milk Belly Test:

  1. Find a balloon at home – they’re usually in the bits and bobs drawer
  2. Blow up the balloon to a size a little bigger than your babies belly after a feed
  3. Place your Pampers Nappy Pant around the balloon
  4. Let a little air in and out of the balloon to mimic the ‘milk belly’ effect
  5. Shake the balloon gently to see how snuggly the Nappy Pants fits
  6. Make a short video of Boomerang of your Milk Belly Test and post on Instagram OR Facebook with the hashtags #PampersSquad and #PampersMilkBellyTest, and tag the Pampers Team with @pampersuk_ire
  7. Caption your videos with a few words explaining the leakage protection performance of Pampers nappy pants
  8. Share your Moments with fellow squaddies – you can do so via the link below

Share your Pampers Moment

We can’t wait to see your videos and to choose a Moment of the Month winner who, as always, will receive a months supply of Pampers nappies.

Wipe it all!

I like to use water as well when changing my baby's nappy... but Pampers wipes are simply perfect any time! For my little baby's bottom, her face, her hands...Pampers wipes always work brilliantly! Next time I will buy Pampers aqua Pure and will tell you which I prefer most!

Pampers wipes

J 3ust finished feeding my son his lunch and started to wipe his face when he got a little grumpy. I gave him the wipes to play with and he smiled instantly

Mum's helper

Mum's best helper and the little one's musical instrument (click clack lid) - 2 in 1 in Pampers baby wipes! I was always worried wipes can cause skin irritation and I am glad Pampers Sensitive Wipes are great for my baby's skin!

Pamper wipes all the way.

Pampers wipes (Pampers sensitive protection or aqua pure wipes) are the best wipes to deal with any nappy your faced with! Just the right wetness thickness and super soft. Always been gentle on my boy's eczema prone skin never caused irritation and don't need half a pack like cheaper brands when changing an explosive nappy or them first poos. Perfect paired with Pampers nappies or pants

Wonder why

Zola celebrating how well her digesting system works. Thank you Pampers for the thickness of those fresh clean wipes. Lovely scent it's a great cover-up and you left with that baby scent only! Love it.

Can you ever have enough wipes to hand?

Best wipes by far, never irritated my boy's eczema prone skin, always ready to deal with any nappy situation we've had from first poos to nappy explosions being just the right wetness and thickness makes them a brilliant wipe I wouldn't use any others.

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Nicky127 Verified 25/02/2019 - 13:27

Please contact me so I can receive my pack please

Rxm829 • 07/03/2019 - 11:22

Love the new pampers! Soft on skin. No leaks and no horrible marks left around bum! Photos to upload later..0

Hansax Verified 07/03/2019 - 13:11

My little Jonnie loves his pampers pure so soft of his sensitive skin! Love the wettness Indicator. Is so helpful and these don’t leak like so many other brands!

Lgally Verified 07/03/2019 - 14:53

Have tried a few different nappies over the years with my 3 children but always come back to pampers, as I find they are the best all around.
Happy 1st birthday ❤

HKM • 08/03/2019 - 07:45

With each new product pampers has wowed me, trying other brands not even an option 😉 Happy Bday❣️

Viksva Verified 19/03/2019 - 10:22

Love new Pampers!!! Soft, slim and amazing design💓💓💓

Kukoanyu Verified 19/03/2019 - 17:46

Love how pampers prove. Im a pampers lover mum always used pampers on my little ones. In the last 6years im updated with all the styles and types of them. They really softer and the nappy pants became the best nappy pants on the market.
We love you Pampers! ❤

Kelio Verified 23/03/2019 - 19:29

We have used Pampers since day one and have never tried anything else. We are loving the premium protection pants at the moment. So soft and more generously sized than some of the other Pampers pants we've tried. We also converted to the pure wipes after taking part in the trial last year.

Mothertofour Verified 01/04/2019 - 14:15

💚💛Love reading everyones pamper moments 💚💛

Maher18 Verified 17/04/2019 - 22:34

Nice lovely positive feedbacks. Thanks all😁😁😁

Jojo76 Verified 19/04/2019 - 19:03

I like pampers pure but find them expensive for what they are so tend to use regular pampers,but if you want to send some free my way,I wont complain as my little one seems to like them :)

Priti Verified 05/05/2019 - 12:56

I like the Pampers pure always stock up when in offer.

themedicalmummy Verified 07/05/2019 - 12:54

Excited to be accepted for the #wrigglewrestle team.

Jade8352 Verified 07/05/2019 - 23:40

Excited to be accepted for the #wrigglewrestle team.

Halzy Verified 11/05/2019 - 11:16

yaay Ive received my box..let the wriggle wrestle commence 🤗

naturalmystic Verified 11/05/2019 - 18:59

Excited to be accepted for the #wrigglewrestle team

Recieved my Wriggle Wrestle Box today :)

Alece1990 Verified 11/05/2019 - 18:59

Ohh my god i received my box of PAMPERS ❤️💕 I start to love Nappy Pants now ..

Nanny2 • 11/05/2019 - 19:05

Cant wait to receive them xx

Nanny2 • 11/05/2019 - 19:26

Please contact me so I can receive my free pack please xx

Mani72 Verified 11/05/2019 - 23:31

I would rate 5 star for pampers nappies and wipes. Nice lovely positive feedback. Thanks all😁😁😁

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