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May 5th is the International Day of the Midwife and we’re supporting the Pampers team and raising a cuppa to say a huge thank you to the midwives that safely delivered our little ones into the world.

72% of little ones are born during the night and many midwives don’t even have a decent place to have a cuppa during their long shifts. Pampers want to change this and have already made over three midwives’ staff rooms and want to do even more!

The Pampers Team is making over midwives' staff rooms!

Our May's theme:

Raise a cuppa to say #ThankYouMidwife

Your challenge is to:

- Share an Insta pic OR video of you raising a cuppa to your midwife (include your little one in their Pampers nappy too)

- Use the hashtags #PampersSquad, #ThankYouMidwife, #IDM2019 and tag the Pampers Team with @pampersuk_ire

- Comment and tag your midwife to see them in with a chance of winning a Pampers hamper!

As always, one lucky Squaddie will be our moment of the month and win Pampers nappies for a month, so share your posts and send us the URLs to your links.

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Fruity way to cool

Wriggled his way inside as it was too hot and chose to cool down with a fruity ice lolly. Don’t think he’s worn anything more than his pampers pull ups for weeks ??


Abbigayle was having a silly moment when she was told she couldn't play outside without a hat and thought this was better ?

When 1 book is just not enough.

When 1 book is just not enough. And all this after chasing him around the nursery trying to get a nappy on. Thank you Pampers for nappy pants. Once the feet are in, the next thing is making sure both ‘cheeks’ are covered. Lol. #bedtime #bedtimestory #PampersSquad #WriggleWrestle #hideandseek

Nappy Nap Time

It took her a couple of weeks on insisting she wear socks in bed to go without. Thought I was going to have to start snipping off the toes of the socks everyday until they were just ankle bands now we’re down to a nappy!

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humma19 Verified 12/05/2019 - 00:12

would rate 5 star for pampers nappies and wipes. Nice lovely positive feedback. Thanks all😁😁😁

Humma83 Verified 12/05/2019 - 00:22

would rate 5 star for pampers nappies and wipes. Nice lovely positive feedback. Thanks all😁😁😁

TinyTomato Verified 12/05/2019 - 00:32

My elder one is 9 now and the younger one is 2. Pampers was our brand then and it is now. Must say it was the best 9 years ago with no leakages and must say the brand has really improved the quality and softness over these years.

Teukiee Verified 13/05/2019 - 13:07

My little boy is coming 11 months soon and changing nappy was one from the worst. Everytime we started he screamed ad wriggle like mad, running away as soon as I took dirty nappy away. When we start playing with wriggle mat and masks, he stopped running away and changing nappy is more fun, still scream sometimes though. X

Maxted17 Verified 17/05/2019 - 09:50

Woohoo my kit has arrived and I’m over excited to try the nappy pants on my 5 month old.. will unpack later when he has a nap 💤 #wrigglewrestle

Nikkijay24 Verified 18/05/2019 - 12:07

My little girl is now nearly 10 months old and I still think about all the amazing work my midwife did. She was so helpful. Even when I was have a panic attack and wanting to go and pretend like I wasn't in labour (like that can happen 😂) She was calming and help me relax and get through it all. Best midwife I had and I had 6 throughout my whole pregnancy!

Magic2019 Verified 18/05/2019 - 17:27

#WriggleWrestle #PampersSquad
The youngest was having none of it with the masks but her big brother wanted to join in the fun too so he was making changing time fun for his sister by making funny faces with the masks, though the pants seem comfy on my little girl I have found that they sometimes leak out but they are quicker and easier to get the change done due to being stretchier 🤔

Sehrish Verified 19/05/2019 - 11:13

I used pampers from birth of my daughter and still using it .I loved it .I highly recommend

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