Pampers Active Fit

An exclusive team of Squaddies tried out and shared their thoughts on the Pampers Active Fit taped nappies that offer Pampers' best ever comfort and fit.

20/11/2020 to 31/12/2020

Pampers-Team 18/12/2020 - 16:00

It’s Final Survey Time!

Our super fun time together with Pampers Active fit is slowly coming to an end! We’ve been having all sorts of fun with our wriggly worms and their #wrigglepoof nappies, documenting each step and pose on our socials. Now it’s time to feed back our experiences to Pampers in the final survey!

It’s Final Survey Time!

Pampers wants to know how your little ones fared with Pampers Active Fit!
Your opinion and your experience truly matters to them, and they want to know all about your experience!
So help Pampers help other mummies and daddies too, by telling them what you think directly in the final survey:

Fill out the final survey now 📋

It’s a simple survey that will only take a few minutes to complete but will be invaluable to the team at Pampers as they aim to make the best possible products for parents and babies.

Fill out the Final Survey

Continue to report your activities 💻

  • Use the reporting tools to show us your online activity, including your reviews on

  • Send us the URL links to your latest Social Media posts and reviews using the online report tool
    Upload your URLs

  • Upload the latest photos of your wriggly wild babies on the photo gallery
    Upload your pictures!

Don’t forget, we’re always looking out for the busiest and most active Squaddies for future projects. 😉

@all: What was your favourite part of the project?

Pampers-Team 14/12/2020 - 14:00

One last hurrah before our journey together ends!

Squaddies we’ve been trying Pampers Active Fit together, documenting our wee ones at every twist and turn! We’ve experienced how Active Fit gives our babies the most comfort, allowing them to roam while staying intact as they explore the world around them.

One last hurrah before our journey together ends! Special thanks to Squaddies KatieD804, pamperspooch and Fifi1234 for sharing their lovely snaps with us!

We’re sadly nearing our wild journey’s end and we would love for our Squaddies to give us one last hurrah before we say goodbye! So before we fill out the final survey let’s give this one more push and use this time to make sure that we’ve all completed our missions, which were:

1. Get social

Posting a picture on your socials of your little one wearing the Active Fit nappies with the hashtags: #wriggleproof, #PampersSquad, #PampersPremiumProtection, #PampersActiveFit, #gifted and tagging @pampersuk_ire

2. Leave a review

Writing a review online on and using our online reporting tool to upload your review link!

Submit a review

3. Report your activity

Once done, use our online reporting tools to share your reviews and Instagram posts or stories with us:

Upload your URLs Upload your pictures!

We’ve been wriggling with joy at how helpful all of you Squaddies have been in spreading the word on the latest and best Pampers has to offer, and we hope they made life for you and your little ones easier!

@all: What did you love most about using Active Fit nappies?

Pampers-Team 11/12/2020 - 16:00

Time for reviews! 💬

Everyone loves reviews. They’re helpful, reliable, and trustworthy, just like Pampers Active Fit!


Because this is a brand new product people will be consulting the reviews to decide if Active Fit is the right fit for their little ones needs. As expert Active Fit users and wriggly wild child experts, we’d love for you to head to and leave a star rating and review to help other mummies and daddies! 👶

It goes like this:

Oher parents want to know what YOU think! Try to think of what matters most to you when picking a nappy and sum it up in no more than 3-4 sentences. Here’s some things to consider:

  • What do you like most about Active Fit nappies?
  • Why do you think they’re the right fit for your little one?
  • Do they provide premium leakage protection for your little wild child?
  • Do the tapes help to keep the nappies in place?
  • Is your little bubba happy and comfy in their nappy?

When reviewing and sharing online, remember to let others know that you got to try Pampers for free.

Submit your review

And don't forget...

Once you’re done with your review, share the URL link along with the nickname that you have used on our Online report tool!

Upload your URLs

Need some inspiration?

Squaddie mamaofenai's got you covered:

As a 8 months old, she rarely sits still. She is on the go most of the time. We have been using this range for almost a week now, so far I am very pleased with it. With Pampers Active Fit, I notice that she is more comfortable doing her activities and leak free! Also, thumbs up for the wetness indicator and the cute pattern on the nappy.

If for some reason you didn’t love the Pampers Active Fit nappies as much as we do, don’t worry, you don’t need to write a review! Every insight and feedback is important to us, so if you have negative experiences with the product, you will have a chance to feed back to Pampers in the Final survey or just write us an e-mail with the details to

@all: What have you loved most about Active Fit? Let us know in the comments!

Pampers-Team 09/12/2020 - 17:00

Get noticed Squaddies!

We spy with our little eyes our Squaddies creating super sweet content! But we want to see it all!

Let's dazzle the internet!

We want to see how have you been spreading the word about Pampers Active Fit nappies Squaddies, so make sure to use our online reporting tools so that we don't miss out on how you are doing with with Active Fit!

Upload your pictures here:

Upload your pics!

Upload your review link and URLs here:

Upload your URLs

Get noticed!

It's your chance to shine Squaddy! Use our online reporting tools for a chance to be featured on our blog ! We've gathered some inspiration for you from our favourite posts sent to us so far ;

@nala_rae20's bubba Nala is beyond excited to be able to explore in Active Fit!

@jazmind_and_leo's baby Leo getting into some wild fun with Pampers Active Fit

@sandrinezi's little whirlwind is growing and discovering freely in their new favourite nappies!

Special thanks to Squaddies @nala_rae20, @jazmin_and_leo, @sandrinezi for all your sweet content

@all: What have you been loving most about Active Fit?

Pampers-Team 06/12/2020 - 09:00

Let’s start creating Squaddies!

As Squaddies it’s our mission to spread the word to other mummies and daddies about Pampers Active Fit online! Show off how well Active Fit is suited to your wild child, and get tips on how to achieve the best snaps!

Let’s start creating Squaddies! Special thanks to Squaddies ambercassy, Maryhughes13 and Jpatel2 for sharing their online posts with us!

Taking the perfect snap of your wild child to share on your socials can be tricky! Not to worry! We’re here to give you a few tips and tricks to make the perfect shot!

Here are our tips and tricks:

1. Compose the perfect pic!

Focus on the product- Catch your wriggly worm, get them into Active Fit nappies and take a picture with them with the second pack of unopened Pampers Active Fit nappies in the background!

Perfect background- We know it’s challenging to keep things tidy with an exploring baby, but try to take a snap in a well-lit, uncluttered space so everyone can see your little wriggler and their new companion clearly!

Make it unique to you- Remember, what we’re most interested in is you and Your wee whirlwind’s experience with Pampers Active Fit. We want to see all the crazy poses, the wriggles and giggles, and how Active Fit complements and helps your baby explore the world in comfort and superb support.

2. Photo adjustments and editing for the perfect picture!

Get the lighting right- After composition, lighting is crucial to get the perfect picture. Your baby deserves all the spotlight, so make sure to photograph them in a well-lit space, or use night mode or flash on your phone or camera!

Photo editors are your friend- If you’re unable to snap a picture in the daytime, or you spot your baby in the sweetest most instagrammable position when it’s dark, editors can make a huge difference. Adjust brightness, contrast and highlights to achieve the perfect snap.

A clear lens means clear photo- As busy parents of wriggle babies, it can be easy to get your lens dirty, so make sure to wipe it before taking a pic of your bubba.

Use live mode or burst- Taking pics of your tiny explorer can be tough. From wriggling away, to moving around like small whirlwinds it can be difficult to capture them in motion. Use live mode or burst so that you don’t miss a second of cuteness!

And last but not least…

Be descriptive! - Using your captions can be an awesome opportunity to let your followers know why you love Active Fit. You can tell them how Pampers Active Fit are the newest premium nappies providing your little ones with Pampers' best comfort and fit ever

Finally, don’t forget to tag @pampersuk_ire and to use the hashtags #wriggleproof, #PampersSquad, #PampersPremiumProtection, #PampersActiveFit, #gifted.

And don't forget to use our online reporting tools to show us your social media activity:

Upload your URL links here:

Upload your URLs

Upload your pictures here:

Upload your pictures!

We are so thrilled to see your pictures and hope you’ll be loving Active Fit as much as we do

@all: What are you and your bubba’s first impressions about the new, upgraded Pampers Active Fit nappies?

Pampers-Team 03/12/2020 - 16:00

Feed back to the Pampers team

Eek! Your Squad Kit is on its way and should be with you any day now but while we wait, let’s have a look at the tools we’ll be using to share our thoughts and feedback with the Pampers team.

here are your tools The tools are always available in your personal member area highlighted in the green

Where do I get my project updates?

During the project we’ll be in regular contact to let you know how to be the best Squaddie you possibly can be.

Here’s how to keep in touch:

Emails: Our first point of contact will be email. We’ll be in touch regularly to let you know when there’s exciting news over on the blog and we’ll share links and advice for being an active Squaddie.

Member area: Your member area will be home base throughout this project. From here, you'll be able to access all project tool to help you share pics, upload social media links and complete surveys.

Project blog: This is the place to get all the latest news and to connect with the rest of the amazing project team.

Your project tools

We’ve created loads of useful tools to help you to get involved. Take a look:

Online Report tool: Go online and let the world know why Active Fit deserves the hype and share the links to your social media posts as well as reviews and anything you’ve posted on your personal blog back to with this tool.

Photo Upload tool: Show off your creativity and share your great pics with the rest of your Squad! Use the photo uploader to share your snaps and they’ll appear in the project's photo gallery. Here you can share your Instagram story snaps with us too, so they don’t get lost after 24 hours.

Online surveys: When the time is right, we will notify you via email to complete the project's survey - it will also be announced on the blog.

Busy Squaddies

When it comes to choosing our project teams, we’re always looking out for our most active squaddies. Want to stand out from the crowd? Use our tools actively to increase your chances of being chosen for future projects!

@all: How excited are you to be sharing your experience with Active Fit on your socials?

Pampers-Team 01/12/2020 - 15:00

Welcome to the team!

Have you received an e-mail which confirms you to be part of the Pampers Active Fit Team? We’re wriggling with excitement of welcoming you to our latest project on the Squad! Your Squad kits are on the way and should be with you by the end of this week, which means it’s soon time for you to experience the nappies that offer Pampers’ best ever fit and protection!

Welcome to the team!

Wriggle-proof fit and comfort for every wild child

Active Fit is the latest premium nappy from Pampers, designed for your ever growing wriggly wild child!
Whether you’ve used and loved Active Fit’s predecessor, Pampers Premium Protection or you’re completely new to it, we’re absolutely positive that with its exciting new features this brand new line is sure to become a family favourite!

Pampers Active Fit has been designed to adapt to your baby's every movement and to accommodate them as they try out new positions while ensuring maximum dryness and comfortable fit, with zero sag.

Your Squaddie missions:

  1. Test

    Put Pampers Active Fit to the test with your little one and experience the best fit and protection from Pampers.

  2. Review

    Head to to leave a review letting fellow mums and dads know what you think of these new nappies.

  3. Post

    Share snaps of your baby wearing their new nappy (with an unopened pack in the background) to Instagram along with a comment on what you think of these new nappies. Use the hashtags #wriggleproof, #PampersSquad, #PampersPremiumProtection, #PampersActiveFit, #gifted and don’t forget to tag @pampersuk_ire.

Until then… Keep an eye on your inbox- look out for news and updates on the next steps and keep checking the blog where as a Squaddie you can share your experiences with other parents! You can also keep an eye on your personal member area for project updates.

Head to member area

@all: Are you and your wild child ready for their new bestie?

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