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Time to get Pampers Active Fit viral!

Ok, Squaddies! The time has come to reveal our Pampers Active Fit discoveries to the online world, and give ourselves the chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher! Let’s have a look at what makes a great photo and a great post!

Will you be one of the 20 winners?

We really can’t get enough of your adorable baby pics, and this time we’ll be rewarding our top 20 favourite creations with a £50 Amazon voucher! So, with that in mind let’s take a look at a few tips on how you can create your best photos and write a rave review on Facebook or Instagram!

How to make your photo pop?

Nappies worn and visible

Nappies worn and visible

This one’s fairly straightforward. Make sure your little one is wearing their new Pampers Active Fit nappies, and keep any other branded products out of shot, easy!

Pampers nappy pack featured

Pampers nappy pack featured

Another easy-peasy one to follow. Your starter kit contains 2 packs of nappies so while you’re testing one, you can shoot with the other!

Your adorable little one

Your adorable little one

Well, how could you forget the main attraction? We can’t get enough of your little bundles of joy and we’re sure your friends and followers feel the same, so make sure you capture them centre stage in your photos! We want to see all the crazy poses, the wriggles and giggles, and how Pampers Active Fit helps your baby explore the world in comfort.

Everyday setting

Everyday setting

Keep your photos looking natural by capturing a ‘day in the life’ type snap. Being a parent is a full-time job, so fit your mini photoshoot in and around your daily activity!

Sharp, well-lit shot

Sharp, well-lit shot

If there is no light, there is no picture! Photography is all about lighting, so try to find some natural daylight when taking your pictures, and refrain from using any filters which distort the colours.

Include the correct hashtags

Include the correct hashtags

Don’t forget to add #ad, #PampersSquad, #wriggleproof, #PampersActiveFit and tag @pampersuk_ire to make sure your posts are visible. We need to see these for you to win!

Special thanks for the adorable snaps to our Squaddies Mylittlefamily, Perri1989, Cornishmum, MamaMills89, Charlene86 and Lexieanddan!

Photo checklist Save our checklist to make sure your photo pops!

Give your honest review in the description!

As Pampers Active Fit ambassadors it’s our responsibility to give honest and authentic reviews so that other new parents can get the low down on all the best products for their babies. Use your caption to explain how you feel about your new nappies. How do they perform compared to other nappy brands you used? Did your little bubba have a leak-free night? Try to keep it unique to you and your little one, and you’ll be on to a winner!

Lastly, make sure you are entered into the competition!

If you already posted, don't forget to submit your post so you will be in with the chance to win one of the 20x £50 Amazon vouchers at the end of our project.

  • If you are posting onto a private account, or you are posting a story that will soon disappear then please take a screenshot of your post and upload the photo here:

Upload photo

  • If you are publishing a grid or wall post onto a public profile, you can simply share the URL link with us here:

Share my URL

Hopefully, these tips will help you create some super snaps of your little ones and even win you a £50 Amazon voucher!

Good luck to you all, we can’t wait to see your content!

@all: What are your favourite things about Pampers Active Fit?

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Surprise your friends with Pampers vouchers!

We've been testing Pampers Active Fit for a few days now, so it's time to move onto our next project Mission.

As ambassadors for Pampers Active Fit, not only are we offering other new parents our knowledge and first-hand experience but we also have some exciting opportunities to offer too!

Surprise your friends with Pampers vouchers! Special thanks to our Squaddies Jodelle876, mwahpagotto, Zen, Petro and Sophieo31 for these super cute snaps! 📸

Over on the dashboard, you will find your very own personal link which you can share with your friends and followers. Clicking on this link will allow them to request a leaflet including £10 worth of discounts for their future purchases with Pampers - it’s like Christmas come early, and you get to be Santa!

What's in it for me?

We're glad you asked! The 20 Squaddies who invite the most people* to request a coupon will win a £50 Amazon voucher - so the more you post and share your invitation link, the more chance you’ll have to win!

*Limited to one request per household/address.

Where's my invitation link?

Your unique invitation link can be found on your dashboard. Click on the button below to head over there now!

Get your unique link

How to share?

  1. Group messages

    Think of all your parent pals and share your link via a text, Whatsapp or Facebook message to let them know that they can request 5x £2 Pampers coupons.

  2. Facebook parent groups and pages

    If you’re part of a parent group on Facebook then why not share your link with them? They will no doubt be very happy to receive a few pounds off of their next purchases!

  3. Out ‘n’ about

    If you find yourself out and about mingling with other new mummies and daddies in person, strike up a conversation about the nappies they’re using and let them know about your projects with Pampers Squad and the discounts you can offer them!

  4. Story time

    Sharing has never been easier than it is with these fab templates - not only can you let your friends know what you love about Pampers Active Fit, you can also invite them to request a coupon in just a few steps! It goes like this:

    1. Download one or both templates.
    2. Load it into your Instagram or Facebook story (or both)!
    3. Make it unique to you—add a picture of your little one, fill in the fields, add stickers or GIFs and tag your friends!
    4. Add your unique link as a swipe-up, or put the link in your bio!

How to share

Competition winners will be announced at the end of the project, so you have 2 more weeks to invite as many friends as you can!

Good luck Squaddies!

@all: Who will you be sharing your invite with?

Dorina 08/10/2021 - 15:00

Our starter kits are arriving!

As some of you have already received your starter kits, we thought we’d give you a quick reminder of what you can expect from Pampers Active Fit as we begin to introduce these fab nappies to the world! You can also find some important info on how to report back your activity at the end of the page!

Discover Pampers' best comfort, fit and dryness

Whether you are testing the taped nappies or the nappy pants, Pampers Active Fit will keep your baby dry and protected for worry-free play.

Pampers Active Fit taped nappies


The strong grip on these nappies makes sure they can go the distance with your little explorer.


The wide and soft waist wings will stretch no matter how much your baby moves to provide ultimate comfort.

Wetness Indicator

With the handy wetness indicator, you’ll know when it’s time for a change!

Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants


Super soft and stretchy materials flex to your baby's shape to help prevent gaps and leaks.


They go on with just one pull, even when your baby is wriggling around.


Super easy to dispose - just tear the sides, roll them up and secure with the tape at the back.

Share your excitement with an unboxing post or story...

As Pampers Active Fit ambassadors we have the opportunity to share our expert knowledge and first hand experience with our friends and followers. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive your starter kit already, then snap a quick shot of your little one in their new nappies, or shoot a quick unboxing video to let your friends and followers know you are taking part in this Pampers Squad project!

Don't forget to tag us!

Whenever you post, make sure you use #ad, #PampersSquad, #wriggleproof, #PampersActiveFit and tag @pampersuk_ire!

...and send us your posts for a chance to win!

We are on the hunt for the 20 most creative social posts, so if you want to win a £50 Amazon voucher, make sure you report your activity by using the links below!

  • If you are posting a grid or wall post onto a public profile, you can simply share the URL link with us here:

Share your URL

  • If you are posting onto a private account, or you are posting a story that will soon disappear then please take a screenshot of your post and upload the photo here:

Upload photos

Kit not arrived yet?

Don’t worry, it’s on its way! Please wait until the 18th October to receive your kit before contacting us.

@all: Have you received your Pampers Active Fit nappies yet? What are your first impressions?

Dorina 07/10/2021 - 12:30

Your helping tools in this project 💻

As Pampers Active Fit ambassadors, we have a crucial role to play in helping out fellow parents and feeding back to the Pampers team. While we wait for our starter kits to arrive, let's take a look at how we can report our activity—and win up to £100 in Amazon vouchers!

Once our starter kits arrive, our most important task will be to put Pampers Active Fit to the test with our little ones and find out for ourselves how Pampers' best comfort, fit and dryness helps them explore the world without limits.

But our journey doesn't stop there, we'll have 2 more Missions over the next 3 weeks!

Tools The project tools are always available in your personal member area.

Mission 1:

Surprise your friends (or anyone!) with £10 worth of Pampers vouchers 🎁

... and win one of 20x £50 Amazon vouchers.

While you're waiting for your starter kit to arrive you can already start inviting your pals to request a Pampers coupon sheet worth £10. If by the end of the project you're one of the top 20 Squaddies to invite the most people, then you will win a £50 Amazon voucher!

  1. Copy your unique invitation link from your dashboard.

  2. Share it with your friends via direct messages, post it on your Facebook wall or on your favourite Facebook parent groups.

  3. Let your friends know that if they visit the link, they can request a coupon sheet with 5x £2 off vouchers for Pampers Active Fit and New Baby nappies.

Act fast and give your friends as much time as possible to redeem them, as the coupons will expire on 31st December 2021!

Mission 2:

Share your expert knowledge on Facebook and Instagram 📸

... and win one of 20x £50 Amazon vouchers.

We love seeing you getting creative while your little ones are twisting, twirling and having fun in our nappies! So take a snap of your bubba, upload it to Instagram or Facebook and the 20 most creative posts at the end of the project will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

  1. Post a cute photo with your little one wearing Pampers Active Fit on your socials. Play, pose, smile and use your imagination - we want to see it all!

  2. Make sure to include your second (unopened) pack of Pampers Active Fit nappies in the picture so your followers know exactly what to look for.

  3. One more important thing! Don’t forget to include the hashtags in your Pampers post: #ad, #PampersSquad, #wriggleproof, #PampersActiveFit, and tag @pampersuk_ire – we need these to find your post!

  4. Send us your post via our Online Reporting Tools to enter the competition for one of the 20x £50 Amazon vouchers.

  • If you are uploading a grid or wall post onto a public profile, you can simply share the URL link with us here:

Submit a URL

  • If you are posting onto a private account, or you are posting a story that will soon disappear then please take a screenshot of your post and upload the photo here:

Upload a photo/screenshot

@all: Are you excited about the competitions? Which one will you take part in?

Dorina 05/10/2021 - 09:00

Welcome to the Pampers Active Fit team!

If you’ve received an email to say that your application has been successful, then we’d like to say a big congratulations and welcome to the team!

Comfort, Fit and Dryness every little step of the way 💖

No matter how much your little one likes to twist, turn and travel Pampers Active Fit will be there to keep them dry and comfortable every little step of the way! Both taped nappies and nappy pants stretch around your baby’s belly to provide a comfy fit and strong hold for more comfort, plus they also offer superior dryness.
How? Watch Dr. Duke test Pampers Active Fit against the next leading competitor:

Intrigued? Luckily, you and your little one can put it to the test soon too! Your starter kits will be arriving from Wednesday, 6th October onwards, but until then, let’s prepare ourselves by taking a look at our mission plan for the weeks to come!

Our missions in this project

1. Testing 🔎

Our first task on this journey will be to test out our Pampers Active Fit nappies. Let your little one loose at playtime and experience the best comfort, fit and dryness from Pampers!

2. Posting 💻

Whilst our little ones are busy trying out their new nappies, we’ll be snapping some pictures in preparation to post on our Instagram and Facebook channels along with our own, honest experiences. At the end of the project, we will pick 20 of the best posts to win a £50 Amazon voucher each!

Until then make sure you include the following hashtags in your Pampers post: #ad, #PampersSquad, #wriggleproof, #PampersActiveFit and tag @pampersuk_ire —we need to see these for you to win!

3. Inviting 💌

Look forward to doing our friends and followers a favour when we invite them to request a coupon which they can use to get up to a £10 discount on their next purchases of Pampers nappies! We will honour our 20 most active Squaddies who invite the most people with a £50 Amazon voucher each – more details to come soon!

We can’t wait for you to receive your starter kits and experience the best comfort, fit and dryness Pampers has to offer your little one. As loving parents we want to provide the best for them, so they can unleash and explore their full potential, with full protection!

Until then, keep a close eye both on the blog and on your inbox where we’ll be sending you newsletters each step of the way, to give you tips and tricks on how to be the best Pampers Squad member and be in with a chance to win one of 40x £50 Amazon vouchers!

@all: Are you ready to try out Pampers Active Fit?

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