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Welcome to the team!✨

Have you received an e-mail that confirms you to be part of the Pampers Comfort and Care Club project Team for Pampers New Baby?
We’re overjoyed to welcome you to the cutest club in town! Your Squad kits are on the way and should be with you by the end of this week, which means you’ll be experiencing Pampers no1. protection for sensitive newborn skin soon!

A heartfelt welcome to the Pampers New Baby Team!🎉


Selina from the Pampers team is beyond excited to hear all of your comments, thoughts, and experiences in this project. They’re so happy for you and your little one to experience what it’s like to be #gentlyprotected by Pampers’ no.1 protection for your baby’s delicate newborn skin. 🐣

The no.1 protection for delicate newborn skin. 💞

In the coming weeks, you’ll be testing one of Pampers’ new premium nappies, Pampers New Baby, and sharing your findings with fellow parents and friends.

Here’s what you need to know;

Delicate newborn skin is thought to be 30% thinner than adult skin, which is why it requires the most tender care. Pampers New Baby is Pampers’ gentlest nappy, designed to provide superb protection for your bubba’s soft, feathery bottom.👼🏽
In fact, they’re the only nappies approved by the British Skin Foundation- truly giving your baby the gentlest ever comfort and care.👶🏽

Your Squaddie missions:🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️

  1. Test

    Put Pampers New Baby to the test with your little one and experience Pampers no.1 protection for delicate newborn skin.

  2. Discover

    A video worth a thousand words. Watch Midwife Marley’s video and discover why Pampers New Baby is the no.1 protection for newborn skin.

  3. Post

    Baby meet ups are on hold, so why not hop online to show your friends and followers why Pampers New Baby nappies are the no.1 choice for UK parents for sensitive newborn skin. *

    Film first impressions, share on social media (share snaps of your baby wearing their new nappy with the packaging or project box in shot to your online parent groups), and don’t forget to use the hashtags; #ad, #PampersNewBaby, #gentlyprotected, #PampersSquad and to tag @pampersuk_ire.

  4. Share samples

    Share your free samples and coupons with parent pals in a COVID-safe way.

  5. Review

    Leave helpful reviews for other parents on

Until then… Keep an eye on your inbox- look out for news and updates on the next steps and keep checking the blog where as a Squaddie you can share your experiences with other parents! You can also keep an eye on your personal member area for project updates.

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*based on UK volume sales data June 2020.

@all: Are you excited the experience the no.1 protection for newborn skin?

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