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Is your Squad profile ready for action?

We are on the lookout for active Squaddies on Social Media, who will star in future projects and also feature in the #PampersSquad Highlights on Instagram.

Connect your social media profiles with your Squad Account

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Special online campaigns are coming up soon for those Squaddies who have connected their Squad profiles with their social media accounts. So connect yours now if you haven’t done it yet!

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Make sure that you've also enabled our communication via emails in the contact settings of your personal Squad profile. If we can't reach you via email, how are we going to invite you to our upcoming projects?

@all: Have you been following the #PampersSquad sensation? Would you like to be involved in our next project?

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Choosing the best protection for our little ones

Over the past few months, we've had the chance to discuss our experiences on our nappy decision-making process.

selecting the best nappies for our little ones!

Finding the best potential protection for our little ones is not a light hearted decision for any parent.

Whether you're a first time parent relying on the recommendations of friends, or the experienced ones getting ready for your family's newcomer, one thing is important - your little one's protection.

Squaddie D.I.wilsher mentioned in the blog:

Using Pampers since 2005, i've tried few other brand but always went back to Pampers. On baby no.4 Pampers is all I've used, love the Pampers Premium Protection nappies. (They're) super soft [...]

Squaddie Nicbroughts told us about her impressions after using Pampers nappy pants:

I am now a converted Squaddie- I have only ever used Aldi brand nappies but now I’ve tried these there is no going back. So much easier wrestling with my little devil now that he’s on the move.

Finally, Squaddie GoingPostal also shared:

I've tried other brands in the past, all cheaper but none of them were as good as pampers premium protection. I have found pampers to be the only nappies that don't mark my baby's skin! There is no price on comfort for your baby.

What made you choose Pampers?

Share a post on your Social Media using the hashtag #PampersSquad to let friends and followers know why Pampers is the right nappy for your little one.

Once done, share the URL link with us. One lucky Squaddie will be rewarded with an extra special reward for March's first Pampers Mission, a month's supply of nappies or nappy pants.

Send us the link to your post

@all: What made you choose Pampers over other brands?

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The nappy's wetness indicator

Thousands of Squaddies have participated in our Squad projects already and have shared their valuable experiences. Many have mentioned the wetness indicator in almost every Squad Project.

The wetness indicator on Pampers Pure nappies

For example, Squaddie Teambaby mentioned during the Pampers Nappy Pants project:

[...] Everyone must try them and with their "compact-ness" and wetness indicator are the best brand we have used for not only quality but peace of mind [...]

Squaddie Paggyp commented during the Pampers Premium Protection project:

[...] They hold well, are soft and comfy for baby. Love the wetness indicator. [...]

Finally, Squaddie airabonita shared her impressions during her participation in the Pampers Pure Project:

[...] Also, great job keeping the moisture indicator strip on these - they're priceless help for this household of first-time parents!

Share your personal experiences

Wetness Indicator

What do you make of the wetness indicator on Pampers nappies?

I love it, it's very helpful

924 participants, 92%

I didn't know about it

47 participants, 5%

I don't care about it

35 participants, 3%

@all: What are your personal thoughts about the wetness indicator of the Pampers nappies?

Leave a comment and use the share buttons below to share the post on Social Media OR a screenshot on Instagram with hashtag #PampersSquad:

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More baby event deals emerge!

There're still plenty of amazing deals to help us stock up on our preferred Pampers products.

deals Special thanks to Squaddie MrsBrownsBabies for her inspirational snap

After Tesco's deal, which was our 1st Mission and which is still valid until Jan. 29th, new baby events have surfaced:

  • at Sainsbury's (Jan. 16th - Feb. 12th), with deals on Premium Protection nappies and nappy pants and also on Pampers Pure

  • at ASDA (Jan. 24th - Feb. 6th), with deals on Premium Protection nappies sizes 1 & 2 Jumbo packs, Baby Dry Pants Essential packs and Baby Dry nappies GIGA packs

January baby event deals

Where will you be heading for your best deal on Pampers this January?


578 participants, 35%


795 participants, 47%


228 participants, 14%

Other (write a comment)

73 participants, 4%

@all: Leave a comment below and share the news online using the buttons below OR a screenshot on Instagram with hashtag #PampersSquad:

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January baby event deals!

Let's kick-off 2019 with a proper stock up!

This January we stock up thanks to the baby event deals

Happy New Year! We hope you've had a lovely time together with your friends and family.

January is full of amazing baby event deals, for example Tesco has already started theirs on Jan. 7th with irresistible offers on all Pampers nappies and nappy pants until Jan. 29th!

This half-price and even better-than-half-price baby deals should not be missed by any parent.

Submit your vote

Which Pampers products will you be purchasing, taking advantage of the first baby event deal of the month?

Premium Protection nappies

322 participants, 39%

Baby Dry nappies

91 participants, 11%

Premium Protection pants

131 participants, 16%

Baby Dry pants

136 participants, 17%

Pampers Pure

143 participants, 17%

Share the news!

Let fellow parent friends and followers know of the 1st baby deal of the month using the hashtag #PampersSquad and help them start their January stock-up:



OR share a screenshot on Instagram with the hashatag #PampersSquad.

@all: Have you done your Pampers stock-up yet?