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Keep the deals rolling!

Our least favourite part of any deal is when it ends. Fortunately for us, while current Pampers deals might be ending soon in one place, they are continuing a while longer in another. The team at Pampers love to know that our little ones are being taken care of so they’re thrilled that the deals just keep rolling!

Continue Deal Shopping

At ASDA, until Feb 4th, you can snap up a pack of Pampers Premium Protection taped nappies for just £4.25. But that’s not all, until Feb 9th, you can pick up a pack of Pampers Baby Dry nappy pants for just £4.25 also – so what are you waiting for?

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We’re sure that your parent pals love deals too, so why not make a quick post online to let them know that they can also continue snapping up deals at ASDA. Remember to pass on the link to the ASDA page [] and include #PampersSquad in your posts.

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New Year Savings

We don’t have to limit the joy of the New Year celebrations to one night – we can keep it alive the whole month by stocking up on a few Pampers deals. Pampers want to help UK parents start the year off right, so they’ve teamed up with Tesco to make sure we save on our next shop.

January Savings Shopping

At Tesco, until Jan 28th, you’ll find great prices on Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants & Pampers Baby Dry nappy pants!

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What sort of Pampers nappies will you be stocking up on?

Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants

246 participants, 67%

Pampers Baby Dry nappy pants

123 participants, 33%

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Help your parent pals keep the New Year celebrations alive by sharing a quick post about the deals they can snap up at Tesco this month. Be sure to give them the link above and use #PampersSquad.

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GabiG92 16/10/2019 - 09:00

All treat and no trick this autumn

Much as we want the summer to last and last, there’s no denying that it’s feeling decidedly autumnal out there. But, if you’re noticing the cold and want something to warm your cockles, these big autumn savings from Pampers just might do the trick!

Autumn warmers

Make big savings this autumn when you get yourself to Tesco because there’s currently a range of offers on ALL Pampers nappies and nappy pants that last right up until Halloween (this is definitely a treat not a trick!).

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Which deal will you snap up?

New and improved Baby Dry nappies essential packs

209 participants, 28%

Premium protection nappies essential packs

279 participants, 37%

Pampers nappy pants essential packs

215 participants, 29%

Newborn Premium Protection nappies

396 participants, 53%

Offers on Jumbo packs

290 participants, 38%

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You know we love keeping you in the loop for Pampers offers and you know we love it when you share the word with your fellow parent pals. Screenshot these offers and share to FB and Insta. Oh, and get deal shopping!

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Simo 18/09/2019 - 09:00

September savings

This is the time of year when every advert you see on TV is for the big “back to school” shop. But just because there are deals on pencils and plimsolls for your older kiddos it doesn’t mean that you won’t find specials for your younger ones. In fact, you can save a pretty penny when you buy your Pampers goodies at Tesco or Asda this month.

September Savings Shopping

At Tesco, from Sept 9th – Oct 2nd, you’ll find all sorts of Pampers discounts, and at Asda, from Sept 18th - Oct 6th, you’ll find great prices on Pampers Premium Protection nappies, Pampers Baby Dry nappies, and Pampers Pants!

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What sort of Pampers nappies will you be shopping for?

Pampers Premium Protection nappies

334 participants, 54%

Pampers Baby Dry nappies

177 participants, 29%

Pampers nappy pants

237 participants, 39%

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Simo 06/08/2019 - 17:17

Hit the shops for the Pampers sales

Usually we think that we have to wait until January for the sales to start but good news, Morrisons and Tesco have special offers on Pampers right now (and Squaddies are going to be pleased as punch with the prices)!

Summer Sale Shopping

It’s time to go shopping. From July 29th right the way through to September 8th, Morrisons are offering some irresistible deals on Pampers nappies and nappy pants.

And that’s not all. If you’re a Tesco shopper then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s currently a Great Value event on Pampers goodies from now until 13th August.

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Where will you pick up your Pampers in light of these irresistible deals?


30 participants, 21%


103 participants, 72%

Other (let us know in the comments)

24 participants, 17%

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OR share a screenshot on Instagram with the hashatag #PampersSquad.

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More spring baby event deals available for our stock up!

There're still plenty of amazing deals to help us stock up on our preferred Pampers products.

m#2 Special thanks to Squaddie Fleraflav for the inspiring snap!

After ASDA's deal which ended on May 12th, there are 2 options to stock-up on Pampers this spring:

  • Tesco's Great Value Deal continues until 21st May, with better than half price on Essential packs of Pampers Premium nappies (sizes 4 to 6) and on Pampers nappy pants,

  • Sainsbury's launched their event deal too where we can stock up on Pampers Pure at £5 until May 21th.

Spring baby event deals

Where will you be heading for your best deal on Pampers this spring?


701 participants, 39%


819 participants, 45%


213 participants, 12%

Other (tell us via a comment)

79 participants, 4%

@all: Leave a comment below and share the news with your friends and followers using the social share buttons below OR a screenshot on Instagram with the hashtag #PampersSquad

Pampers-Team 30/04/2019 - 16:31

It's time for our spring stock-up!

Now that winter is finally over, it's time to stock up again. You don't want to miss the spring baby deals that have just launched a few days ago!

It's time for Spring Stock-up Special thanks to Squaddie AKC786 for sharing this fabulous snap!

On April 22nd ASDA started their baby deal, with irresistible offers on all Pampers nappies and nappy pants until May 12th!

Additionally, Tesco has also launched their Great Value Event with better than half price on Essential packs of Pampers Premium nappies (sizes 4 to 6) and nappy pants until May 21st.

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Which Pampers products will you be purchasing, taking advantage of the spring baby event deals?

Premium Protection nappies

721 participants, 39%

Baby Dry nappies

228 participants, 12%

Premium Protection pants

290 participants, 16%

Baby Dry pants

279 participants, 15%

Pampers Pure

321 participants, 17%

Share the news!

Let your fellow parent pals know where to find the best Pampers baby deal for their spring stock-up using the hashtag #PampersSquad:



OR share a screenshot on Instagram with the hashatag #PampersSquad.

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Invite friends and followers to the Squad!

One of the best things about being a Squaddie is that we celebrate together those precious moments with our little ones and learn from each others' experiences. The Pampers Team is loving our special bond!

Join Pampers Squad

Let your friends and followers know why they should also join us!

Post on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #PampersSquad and let them know why they should join us:



OR share a screenshot on Instagram with the hashatag #PampersSquad.

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Is your Squad profile ready for action?

We are on the lookout for active Squaddies on Social Media, who will star in future projects and also feature in the #PampersSquad Highlights on Instagram.

Connect your social media profiles with your Squad Account

Activate Social Connect

Special online campaigns are coming up soon for those Squaddies who have connected their Squad profiles with their social media accounts. So connect yours now if you haven’t done it yet!

Activate Social Connect

Social Connect

Have you connected your Squad profile with your Social Media accounts yet?

Yes, I'm already connected & ready to apply to the next project!

552 participants, 93%

No, I hadn't but I will connect them now!

40 participants, 7%

Make sure that you've also enabled our communication via emails in the contact settings of your personal Squad profile. If we can't reach you via email, how are we going to invite you to our upcoming projects?

@all: Have you been following the #PampersSquad sensation? Would you like to be involved in our next project?

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Choosing the best protection for our little ones

Over the past few months, we've had the chance to discuss our experiences on our nappy decision-making process.

selecting the best nappies for our little ones!

Finding the best potential protection for our little ones is not a light hearted decision for any parent.

Whether you're a first time parent relying on the recommendations of friends, or the experienced ones getting ready for your family's newcomer, one thing is important - your little one's protection.

Squaddie D.I.wilsher mentioned in the blog:

Using Pampers since 2005, i've tried few other brand but always went back to Pampers. On baby no.4 Pampers is all I've used, love the Pampers Premium Protection nappies. (They're) super soft [...]

Squaddie Nicbroughts told us about her impressions after using Pampers nappy pants:

I am now a converted Squaddie- I have only ever used Aldi brand nappies but now I’ve tried these there is no going back. So much easier wrestling with my little devil now that he’s on the move.

Finally, Squaddie GoingPostal also shared:

I've tried other brands in the past, all cheaper but none of them were as good as pampers premium protection. I have found pampers to be the only nappies that don't mark my baby's skin! There is no price on comfort for your baby.

What made you choose Pampers?

Share a post on your Social Media using the hashtag #PampersSquad to let friends and followers know why Pampers is the right nappy for your little one.

Once done, share the URL link with us. One lucky Squaddie will be rewarded with an extra special reward for March's first Pampers Mission, a month's supply of nappies or nappy pants.


The online report tool for this Mission's winner has now been closed.

@all: What made you choose Pampers over other brands?

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