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How does Pampers New Baby compare?

We're now halfway through our project and as Pampers New Baby ambassadors it's our job to spread the word as far and wide as possible, and feed back our own thoughts and findings to the brand.

We'd like to get your thoughts on how Pampers New Baby nappies match up to other brands. If you've already watched the Super absorbtion demo, then you probably already know that thanks to the DermaComfort layer Pampers New Baby nappies lock away mess faster than other nappies on the market—but what are your experiences?

Your opinion matters 📣

New Baby nappies are the only nappies approved by the British Skin Foundation, but for the team at Pampers no seal of approval is more important than that of you the parents, so tell us Squaddies—how are you enjoying the nappies?

Here are a couple of comments we've had from you recently:

Jfc said:

Best nappies around, so soft, no leakage and no rashes unlike other brands. Love these so much!

Ballerina83 said:

Pampers New Baby nappies are far superior to any other products on the market. I've tried most brands and the others just don't cut it for comfort and fit.

Keep spreading the news 🎶

It’s our task to spread the word on why we think Pampers New Baby nappies are the best choice for newborn babies. Start chatting to your friends or head to social media to share your expert knowledge and let other parents know how Pampers New Baby perform in comparison to other nappies you used before!

How does Pampers New Baby compare?

Did you find Pampers New Baby nappies better than other nappies on the market?

Yes, no wonder they are the only nappy approved by the British Skin Foundation.

182 participants, 85%

I have never tried other newborn nappies because I’m satisfied with Pampers!

16 participants, 7%

I’m not sure, I need to keep testing!

16 participants, 7%

@all: Have you tried other nappies in the past? How do they compare to Pampers New Baby?


PetiteBlonde • 24/11/2021 - 02:19

I haven't had as good an experience with the newborn pampers as I was expecting. I have found that they leak more than my usual alternative brand. The difference being the tabs on the side of the nappy which aren't present on the Pampers but are on the other brand.

I've also given out the packs to a couple of mums who were disappointed by all the extra plastic packaging.

Aleemsmummyx • 24/11/2021 - 13:12

Best nappies ever. No marks. No rashes. Easy on the skin. Soft and comfy perfect for new baby

Sabzy Verified 24/11/2021 - 18:15

So far we have tried the Aldi nappies which I feel runs a bit smaller in size as the baby grow. I feel as though it doesn’t cover the circumference of baby bottom.

Lidl and Pampers nappies have to be go too. As my baby Eesa grows we prefer using pampers only especially through the night! Pants are the best and so are the new baby nappies.

Anambo • 26/11/2021 - 16:33

As I already knew the quality of Pampers, because I used it on my first daughter, I chose Pampers from day one now with my baby, his skin is well cared for, without marks or rashes.

MumOfGirlsX2 • 27/11/2021 - 19:57

I love that these nappies don't sag! The tabs feel extra sticky so no matter how much the little one wriggles they stay where they should.
Also love that they have a line to show when they're wet.

Dorina • 30/11/2021 - 15:30

@MumOfGirlsX2: We're glad you are content with Pampers nappies ❤

SwanSea • 28/11/2021 - 18:55

I've tried cheaper nappies than pampers and had problems with leaks. Never had any leaking with pampers! I do use bamboo nappies which I use at night when my little one spends the longest time in one nappy. They are even softer than pampers. It would be good if pampers made bamboo ones.

Dmallett Verified 30/11/2021 - 15:44

I love these nappies, my baby girl was born 10 weeks premature so i always struggle to find nappies that fit her that are not too big, too small or cause her nappy rash because they are poor fitting and uncomfortable. These nappies fit her perfectly, do not cause her any nappy rash and are worth paying a little more for a higher quality nappy. Thank you so much for letting us trial these!

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