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So far sooooo good!

As we step into the last week of this fun project, let’s make it through with a bang! Your reviews were truly valuable and we’ve put down some of our favourites below.

So far sooooo good! Thanks for the cute snaps to Squaddies Demiswanii, Weraba and MummyAndThomas

Many of you have already submitted your reviews, but for the ones who couldn’t do it yet, here’s some inspiration…

Squaddie Jasmine thinks it's a game changer:

I was expecting this to be just like any other nappy pants, with Pampers' incredible absobency, however I was thoroughly surprised by its other features, specifically the pull tab for easy disposal. As I haven't seen that in others, made me think this is a game changer. The elastic is also impressive as it's soft but at the same time snug to fit my baby, and it really does keep her dry for up to 12hrs as her sleep hasn't been disturbed for a middle of the night nappy change. Overall, this has got to be the best nappy pants my baby has tried.

Squaddie Louisa found her new favourite nappies:

We have been using the Pampers Night Pants for just under a week now and these are my new favourite nappies. Thomas never keeps still in his sleep and we were constantly having leaks with taped nappies. With Thomas being a smaller baby, we sometimes found normal nappies had gaps around his legs and waist but with the 360• fit, the night pants fit snuggly and comfortably around him and so far no leaks at all. The night pants feel extra soft inside so I know he isn’t going to be irritated throughout the night. The 12 hour protection ensures that there are no night time pyjama and bedding changes! The night time designs are super cute and an added bonus!

Squaddie A is ready to stock-up:

These nappies are really stretchy on the side and my son ended up wearing them for almost 14 hours (he ended up having a lie in!) and he was completely dry - no leaks at all. Love the cute designs on them too. Very easy to rip the sides when changing nappies and love the sticky tab at the back so the nappy can be wrapped up nicely! Will definitely stock up for night times :)

Isn’t it great to hear everyone’s loving Pampers Baby-Dry Night Nappy Pants just like you? – We’re sure loving your reactions!

Ask your friends and family to try the extra night protection of Pampers Baby-Dry Night Nappy Pants themselves! If they feel it didn’t deliver on their leak-free nights promise, then they can get their money back. Find out more here: moneyback.pampers.co.uk

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@all: Are you all enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep since you started testing Pampers Baby-Dry Night Nappy Pants?


Dianawlowe Verified 07/12/2021 - 16:25

Love love love these nappies! Our 9 month old is very leaky and has been since birth to the point it will soak through his night clothes, sleeping bag and bedding and wake the whole family up because he's crying because he's damp. In result we all feel groggy the next day! But these are amazing really loved the adbsorbency but most importantly the great nights sleep we all had, their are great quality and also affordable we've tried other leading brands to no avail we still have the leaks so to be given a chance to try these is fantastic... no leaks and also trendy!! Well done pampers keep it up, happy baby happy mummy!

Holliec1988 Verified 15/12/2021 - 12:31

These nappies are great and they are keeping my twins dry and happy all through the night. My only criticism is when you are done with the nappy and sealing the contents the little sticky tab doesnt quite secure enough if theres a number 2 in there, its fine for just neatly folding up a wee but it needs to be abit better i think

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