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Take the Final Survey

Over the past weeks we became Pampers nappy pants experts and emerged victorious from the wriggle wrestle. It's now time to share our final feedback with Nayan and his team!

Thank you for participating in our first Squad Project Special thanks to Squaddies danigrace & Icdia82 for their fab photos!

Our newly found expertise from the everyday use of Pampers nappy pants on our baby wrigglers is incredibly valuable. This is our chance to have our voices heard directly by the Pampers team:

Take the Final Survey

Let's finish our project with a bang by completing the last survey and letting our friends and followers online know that we are the heroes rising from the wriggle wrestle using the hashtag #iwon along with #WriggleWrestle & #PampersSquad.

The reporting tools are available until May 15th.
You can continue to share your online links, submit "ask your friend" sheets and upload your photos - all the links can be found in your personal member area.

@all: What's been your favourite moment from our debut Squad project?

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Our besties' opinions about Pampers active fit nappy pants

As parents, we find inspiration and guidance from fellow parent wrestlers and share every moment of parenthood with them - so how could we not share the samples and the coupons from our Squad Kits with them, right?

What besties say about Pampers active fit nappy pants Special thanks to Squaddies Cheekymonkey and Natlou86 for sharing their fab snaps from their activity

Their opinions are not only important to us parents but they are also valuable for Nayan and the Pampers Team. That's why we involve our fellow parent wrestlers in our activity and we share what they have to say about the nappy pants.

Squaddie Shazbo89 reported:

[...] converted three of my friends and their babas to the pampers nappy pants. We had afternoon tea at my house. Emma says they're defiantly winning the wriggle battle it's so quick and easy, Catherine agrees with Emma but also says they haven't had any leaks and definitely recommends them. Hannah is totally winning the wriggle wrestle; her son wore them all night with no leaks - big thumbs up [...]

Squaddie K.zottola shared her friends' opinions:

[...] I now have changed to pampers active fit and 4 of my friends have also changed over to them. They were - as was I - impressed with the quality and absorption and no leaks, yay. So easy to put on and take off. Very helpful with a wriggly 8 month old.

Squaddie Babycakes16 commented:

My friends think these are fab [...] The comment I have received the most is "they are dry in the morning" unlike some others they had tried.

Continue to upload the completed "ask your friends" sheets witht the opinions of your fellow parent wrestlers!

@all: What did your besties say after their experience with the Pampers active fit nappy pants?

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It's time to leave our reviews

Now is the moment where we draw on our experiences and newly found "super power" to inform thousands of fellow parent wrestlers.

Submit your reviews on Submitting our reviews on can fellow parent wrestlers discover the soft and gentle protection of Pampers active fit nappy pants and insure they win the wriggle wrestle too!

Leave your review here

Can't think of what to say? Here's an example from Squaddie Sattie83, who already had her say:

Have been testing these for Pampers Squad and I’m converted. Never used pants with my eldest, but my youngest is a wriggler. The active fit pants are easy to get on and are a great fit. He’s happy as change is quicker and I’m happy as the pant is much more absorbent than I always thought. I have put one on him overnight a few times and he’s not leaked (I was getting leaks with taped nappies). I have won the #wriggle wrestle! Highly recommend these.

Don't forget to send us the link from your review via an online report.

@all: Have you left your review yet? Let the rest of the Squad team know what you thought!

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Sharing the news online about Pampers active fit nappy pants

We have become the Wriggle Wrestle heroes! It's time to share our expertise on social media and help others with our newly found "super powers"!

Our posts online for Pampers active fit nappy pants Special thanks to Squaddies Walshy886, Fatspanna and lovingmylittles showing us how they've been sharing the secret to winning the wriggle wrestle online!

Apart from sharing the Wriggle Wrestle video, many Squaddies have been posting their personal experiences all along, letting friends and followers know how they've been getting on in the project.

Exciting snaps with our little wrigglers, funny gifs and small videos from our wriggley babies, even comments about the results from using Pampers active fit nappy pants, sharing our experiences online can definitely help lots of parent wrestlers win the wriggle wrestle too!

Once our posts are online - using the hashtags #PampersSquad and #WriggleWrestle - we can send the links (URLs) from our activity to Nayan and the Pampers Team, via an Online Report:

Tell us where you've shared online!

@all: Have you posted your experiences on social media yet? What were the reactions?

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What fellow wrestlers say about Pampers active fit nappy pants

The news about the secret to winning the wriggle wrestle continue to spread on every occasion by victorious Squaddies, along with coupons samples and "ask your friends" sheets.

What do fellow parents say about Pampers active fit nappy pants Special thanks to Squaddies pamperslove, Sunflower12, Smitea and ravenday for showing us how they've been sharing the news with fellow parents!

Squaddie stephytaylor returned to work and shared the news with other mums:

I've just gone back to work and there seems to be a little group of us mums going back at the same time. I was very popular when I told them about their opportunity to try some pampers active fit pants to help win the wriggle wrestle!

Squaddie MamaShoe generously helped a fellow wrestler in a time of need:

I shared a sample with a flustered fellow mum in the baby changing area at the local shopping centre...she was thrilled when she realised I wasn't trying to sell her anything, VERY impressed with how easy they went on and over the moon with the voucher! [...]

Whether you're planning a get together with fellow parents, catching up with other wrestlers at work or attending baby groups - there's always a chance to help them win the wriggle wrestle and collect their opinions about Pampers nappy pants - you can even do it directly through your smartphone:

Upload "ask your friends" sheets

Don't forget to share group selfies and snaps from your talks with fellow wrestlers!

@all: What are the reactions from your fellow parents after you introduce them to Pampers active fit nappy pants?

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Helping fellow parents win the wriggle wrestle too

The best thing about being a member of the Squad and trying Pampers active fit nappy pants for free is that we can share the experience with others by handing out samples and coupons!

Squaddies in action Special thanks to Squaddies Jojobrighteyes, scientistmum & MumsyKatie for their inspiring snaps on how they shared samples, coupons and collected friends' opinions with the "Ask your friends" sheets!

Many Squaddies in the project have already begun with their activity and have shared snaps and comments with us! For example:

  • Squaddie Jojobrighteyes (left)shared samples and coupons with her two friends over tea and cake, and posted a snap of the occasion.
  • Additionally, Squaddie scientistmum (top right) and Squaddie Mumsykatie (bottom right) prepared mini packages of samples, coupons, and "ask your friends" sheets for their friends and even social media followers! :)
  • Finally, Squaddie even helped a fellow mum in need at the pool:

Saved a mum at swimming with a sample pack, she’d forgotten her nappies so I gave her a sample pack, she was really impressed at how easy it was to change her little one, so I gave her a coupon too which she can’t wait to use!

@all: Weekend catch ups, mummy get-togethers, NCT groups - how are you planning to share the 15 samples and the coupons? We can't wait for your exciting group snaps.

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Our initial impressions of Pampers active fit nappy pants

All around the country, Squaddies emerge victorious from the wriggle wrestle. Now that we've had some time to experience them, it's time to share our personal first impressions!

Our first impressions of Pampers active fit nappy pants Special thanks to Squaddies Bossmummy, melaanie2016 and Samlg92 for their gorgeous snaps of their wrigglers and their Pampers nappy pants!

Nayan and the Pampers Team are following the progress of our premiere project closely and are trully looking forward to hearing our initial reactions.

The first of the two surveys is now available; this is the perfect chance to have our voice be heard by the brand:

Take the starter survey

Remember, our fellow parents have their say too, so hand out "Ask your friends" sheets for them to fill out when sharing the 15 samples and the coupons of your Squad Kit!

Once they've filled them out, collect it from them and feed them back to the Brand via your member area.

@all: Which 3 words would you use to describe your experiences with Pampers active fit nappy pants so far?

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Exclusive preview: the Wriggle Wrestle video

In this project, we are the heroes and our goal is to help fellow parents win the wriggle wrestle too!

What better way to bust the myth and reveal the secret to winning this battle, than sharing a video! Nayan and the Pampers team provided us with the exclusive first preview of the Wriggle Wrestle video, watch it now:

Share the video online!

Let's break the internet by letting our friends and followers know how they can emerge victorious and win the wriggle wrestle, using the hashtags #WriggleWrestle & #PampersSquad:


or post the YouTube link from the video on Instagram with the above hashtags.

@all: How do you find the video? Does it resemble your daily wrestle with your little wriggler?

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Our fab Pampers nappy pants snaps

It's only been a couple of days since the kits were sent out and already hundreds of selfies, unboxing snaps and even photos from the first wins against the wriggle wrestle have been uploaded. Nayan and the whole Pampers Team are amazed by our submissions!

Special thanks to Squaddies Kezwilson, Monis34 and Waposwifey for their fab photos. Special thanks to Squaddies Kezwilson, Monis34 and Waposwifey for their fab photos.

To share the excitement, we opened up the Photo Gallery for everyone to discover what we've been up to so far and inspire those who are about to upload theirs!

The team over at Pampers would love to see photos from the whole team and also snaps from our activity sharing the Pampers nappy pants samples to fellow parent wrestlers.

Share your photos, here

We can also share the news with our friends and followers online using the hashtags #PampersSquad and #WriggleWrestle and show them how they can win the wriggle wrestle too!

@all: What do you think of your kit so far? What did your friends say when you told them?

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Our Squad kits are on their way!

The wait is almost over and 5,000 Squad kits are about to be dispatched! We’re so excited to get started!

Our kits

The folks over at Pampers shared with us the above images, to let us know that everything is ready! If you look closer, there are a couple of differences in the content. Can you spot them? You have 5 seconds...

Tik tok tik tok tik tok... Spotted them? Well, the most eagle-eyed Squaddies will have noticed:

  • The full size product looks slightly different to the samples. So, what's the difference? Not a lot! The full pack is a few weeks older packaging with a different nappy design. Our newer product was selling like absolute hotcakes – so in order to avoid delays and start pronto we’ve sent you our absolutely brilliant (but slightly older) packs. Both are absolutely amazing for winning the Wriggle Wrestle!

  • You’ve Got Coupons! Nayan and the Pampers Team have included 8x £2 money-off coupons for any Pampers nappy pants in our kits, to share with our fellow parent wrestlers.

Once it's with you, why not take a super-excited selfie with you, your little wriggler and your squad kit, and upload it here:

Submit your photos here

@all: Who are you going to share the first sample and/or coupon with?

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