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It's time to get in the ring!

We’re getting into the swing of the project now which means it’s time for you and your little one to get in the ring!

Get in the ring Special thank you to Squaddies N.B., Pearl29, cupmum and mason06x for their amazing activity!

As part of your starter kit, you’ve received a series of social media triggers that have been designed by the team at Pampers to help you spread the word online! Here's how you can use them all and show us and your fellow parent wreslters how you've won the #WriggleWrestle:

1. Place the ring around your child’s changing mat
2. Place your little wriggler on their changing mat and snap a pic before the wrestle
3. Time how long your nappy change takes and then post a second pic with one of your milestone cards stating how long the #WriggleWrestle took!
4. Include a caption that outlines the #WriggleWrestle project and let your followers know how they can win the wrestle! Don’t forget to include #WriggleWrestle and #PampersSquad

You can even include a snap of you and your little one wearing the wrestlers' masks!

When you’ve shared your post, remember to send us the URL links so that we can see too using the Online Report tool.

Need help finding the URLs? Then simply follow the steps in our instructions page.

@all: Have nappy pants helped you to win the wriggle wrestle with your little one?


Minimiha Verified 23/05/2019 - 13:03

The nappy pants sure heloed me out to win the #wrigglewrestle! It only took seconds to change him!, praise pampers nappy pants!!!🙂💐

Foodielovingmummy Verified 23/05/2019 - 13:56

But embarrassed here but we didn't realise the sides tear for easy removal of a dirty nappy. Much easier now we worked it out 🙊 Our LO is only 8 months so hadn't really considered nappy pants before. What a mistake that was !! So so much easier now as he only lays still for seconds at a time !

Nabila Verified 25/05/2019 - 00:06

Pampers nappy pants have made my life so much easier and nappy changing so much faster. My little wrestler is very wriggly and never stays still while changing nappy but with pampers nappy pants I’m a WriggleWrestle champion..Thanks pampers :)

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