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Our #WriggleWrestle kits are nearly here

Exciting times! All of the wriggle wrestle kits have been sent out and we've received our first snaps from excited parent wrestlers.

Check out the first deliveries Special thanks to Squaddies JayK719, RosalindH22 and Tomsmum10 for sharing their snaps

As you can see, Camille and the team over at Pampers have packed an amazing Squad Kit (with nappy pants, sample envelopes and coupons and all the exclusive materials: the changing mat, the milestones cards and the wrestlers' masks) - we’re really excited to get started!

When your kit arrives, we’d love you to share a selfie of you holding your kit on social media. Let your pals know that you’re taking part in this project and use the hashtags #WriggleWrestle and #PampersSquad.

Ever seen those unboxing vids on Youtube and Social Media? Why not try your own? Simply film yourself unpacking your kit along with your initial thoughts and upload to Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget to send us the URL links from your posts via your first Online Report.

Share your URL links

Win the #WriggleWrestle

Now for the most important bit. It’s time to take part in the wriggle wrestle! Try out Pampers Premium nappy pants with your little wriggler and show your victory on social media by posting videos, photos and comments with #WriggleWrestle and #PampersSquad!

Let's show fellow parent wrestlers everywhere how the Pampers nappy pants can help them win the wriggle wrestle too!

@all: How do you like our Squad Kit?


JoM • 18/05/2019 - 20:46

We got our pack this week, I tried them on our baby girl and absolutely loved them. Already went out to buy some more and gave my friend one of the coupons so she went out to get some as well.
Loved it, thank you Pampers 😁😁

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