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An early goodbye and a huge thank you for taking part

We wanted to say a huuuge thank you for all of your efforts as part of this amazing Pampers Comfort Tests team and to let you know that the final survey is now live (a little earlier than expected).

Thank you!

You’ve been an incredible part of this project and we’ve loved seeing all of your wonderful posts over the last few weeks.

As you may recall, our project was due to run for a few more days but in light of recent developments, we’ve made the decision to close early. Our priority is and always will be the well-being of our Squaddies and their families and we know that as things stand you may have other things on your mind right now so we’re wrapping up early.

Rest assured though, we’re not going anywhere! We’re a Squad and we’ll continue to be here to support you over the coming weeks. Our plan is to come together even more, and to help each other with tips and ideas for making the most of this time we will be spending indoors with our families.

For now, the Pampers team would love to hear your thoughts via the Final Survey if you have the time:

Take the Final Survey

It will only take a few minutes to complete and gives you the chance to share all of the insights you gained over the last few weeks.

Stay happy and well and we’ll be in touch very soon.

@all: What have you enjoyed most about taking part in the Comfort Tests project?

Pal 20/03/2020 - 14:35

Have a snug weekend!

So, it turns out that we’re learning a lot about nappies in our Milestones project together. Not only that, but we are also helping many new and soon to be born babies to experience lots of dryness and softness.

Pampers Milestones Special thanks to Squaddies Ndeymakuwere and Tearrn for sharing these big grins with us!

The Comfort Tests are such a great way to find out how happy our little ones are in their nappies and you’ve had a lot to say on the matter!

Squaddie JStar said... ...It’s nice to know how my baby’s bum feels in the pampers in the night, as she is in it for 12hrs. Super impressed with premium protection...

Squaddie Dayo1425 said... I love how Pampers is able to keep my little one dry when she's had a long night sleep and I didn't want to wake her...

Sharing online

Please don’t forget that our priority is the health and happiness of you and your loved ones and following developments with COVID-19, we would ask that you do not share the tests with friends in person. Instead, please send your friends videos, pick up the phone to share your thoughts or share online. Only share coupons and samples when you believe it is safe to do so, the coupons do not expire until the end of June.

If you’ve done the Touch Test and want to share it with friends as a Facebook or Instagram story, be sure to use #PampersSquad and #AD, and send us the url:

Share your post with us

We wish you a cosy weekend with your family, Squaddies!

@all: What items did you use to compare with your Pampers Premium Protection nappies?

Pampers-Team 19/03/2020 - 14:01

Feel the difference

Check out a snap from the Instagram story of our wonderful Squaddie MamasTribeOfTwo, who managed to rope in a Mad Scientist to help her run the Comfort Tests. Thank you Squaddie - you had the team at Pampers grinning from ear to ear! Do any other Squaddies have a Mad Scientist at home who can assist? These tests aren’t just insightful, they’re loads of fun!

Pampers Milestones

The touch test

Touch is such a dominant sense and way of experiencing the world before our little ones begin to shine their full character and begin to chat, and chat…and chat! Our wee one's botty can be quite soft and sensitive so it’s wonderful if we can wrap them up in softness, especially seeing as they spend quite a lot of time in their nappies.

Have you run the touch test yet? It’s another great way to feel what your baby feels while wearing a nappy, so let’s go for it!

  1. Grab some everyday items that are likely to touch your little one’s skin – think blankets and soft toys
  2. Compare how the inside layer of your Pampers nappy feels vs these other bits!
  3. Take a short vid or pic to share with your parent pals as Facebook or Instagram stories with #PampersSquad and #AD

If you’ve got a Mad Scientist at home, why not ask them to join in with your experiment and ask which one they thought was the softest?

When sharing online, remember to let us know by sending us the link to your post:

Send us your URL

You can also send us pics for the photo gallery via the photo upload tool:

Share your pics

@all: What did you discover after performing the touch test?

Pampers-Team 16/03/2020 - 14:00

Bust the myth and share

The project is now in full swing and not only are we busting the myth that all nappies are created equal, but we're sharing with pregnant and new-parent pal to help them find out how their baby feels or will feel in their nappy.

Pampers Milestones Vol. 4 Special thanks to Squaddies 13sLuck and Amberferret for sending in their social shares

Our first impressions

As well as posting online, our amazing project team have also been sharing their first impressions on the project blog:

Squaddies Wookiechoco said...
Brilliant nappies keeps baby lovely and dry ..very happy...

Squaddies bartlettc said...
"...distributed the samples and vouchers during a mother and baby group. We went through the comfort test and I explained how I found my little one was so much more settled in Pampers throughout the day and night than she was in other brands..."

Share online

The Pampers team would like to ask you again that you do not share the tests with friends in person. Instead, please send your friends videos or pick up the phone to share your thoughts, or better yet, share a Facebook or Instagram story (we are focusing on only sharing stories for this project):

  • Run the Cheeks Test at home (see your project handbook for guidance)
  • Take pictures and short videos of you performing the test and being WOWed by the results
  • Share Facebook and Instagram stories online with #AD & #PampersSquad

Remember to share your online post with us via the online report tool:

Share your post with us

Wishing you a wonderful week busting the myth that all nappies are created equal.

@all: What did you learn from doing the Cheeks Test?

Pal 11/03/2020 - 13:36

It’s time for the Cheeks Test

By now, most of us have received our starter kit which means it’s time to officially test drive Pampers Premium Protection nappies using the Cheeks Test. Tip: make sure you have your camera handy to capture your pals’ surprised faces!

Pampers Milestones Very special thanks to Squaddies Kittyzmad & Stahir for sending in these pics to our photo gallery.

Touch is so important for newborn babies. It helps let them know that they’re loved and safe, which is why the nappy that we choose is so important.

The Pampers Cheeks Test is a unique way to experience exactly what your little one feels in their nappy. No more guesswork, you and your parent-to-be friends can find out for yourselves which nappy will keep your baby dry and happy (giving your pals the inside scoop before their little one even arrives)!

Have you been WOWed by the Cheeks Test?

Our Squad is here to bust the myth that all nappies are created equal and we're going to use the Cheeks Test to do it. Here's how:

  • Run the Cheeks Test with your pregnant pals (see your project handbook for guidance)
  • Take pictures and short videos of you performing the test and being WOWed by the results
  • Share Facebook and Instagram stories online with #CheeksTest & #PampersSquad

Keep us updated

Any time you share on social media, let us know that you've been an active Squaddie by sending us the link to your post via our online report tool:

Share your online post

You will find all project tools in your Member Area including the Photo Upload Tool for sending photos to our Squad Photo Gallery.

@all: Where have you shared your insider knowledge so far?

Pal 15/11/2019 - 09:00

Welcome to the team

Hello and welcome to the team! We’re tickled pink to have you on board and Emma and team at Pampers can’t wait to get started.

As part of this project, we’ll be putting Pampers Premium Protection nappies to the test against other nappies so that we can SHOW not just tell our parent-to-be pals how they can make the best choice for their new bundle. Let’s bust the myth that all nappies are created equal.

Welcome to the team

Welcome to the team

Emma from the Pampers team would like to send you all a huge welcome and can't wait to hear all about how we've helped all our amazing pregnant pals.

Life for new parents can be pretty exhausting. Not only is there a definite lack of sleep but they also have a million decisions to make, one being: “Which nappy will keep my baby dry and comfortable for longest?”

Touch is such an important sense for all new babies which is why we're so happy the team at Pampers have designed a series of tests to allow parents to see for themselves how little ones feel in their nappies (don’t worry – no trying on required!).

Here’s how to get involved in this fab new project:

Our Squad Goals:

  • Reach out to your pregnant pals and run the Comfort Tests to help them prepare for their new arrival
  • Post Facebook and Instagram stories of you being wowed by the Cheeks Test with #CheeksTest and #PampersSquad
  • Hand out samples and coupons so that your parent pals can stock up and then share their impressions with the Pampers Team
  • Give feedback directly to the brand by complete project surveys

We’ll be in touch via email with more news soon (and Squad Kits should start arriving in the next few days) but in the meantime, let your pregnant pals know that you're about to involve them in a great project. You can also keep an eye on your personal member area for project updates.

Go to you member area

We can’t wait to get started!

@all: Which of your pregnant pals have you told about the project so far?

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