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Have a snug weekend!

So, it turns out that we’re learning a lot about nappies in our Milestones project together. Not only that, but we are also helping many new and soon to be born babies to experience lots of dryness and softness.

Pampers Milestones Special thanks to Squaddies Ndeymakuwere and Tearrn for sharing these big grins with us!

The Comfort Tests are such a great way to find out how happy our little ones are in their nappies and you’ve had a lot to say on the matter!

Squaddie JStar said... ...It’s nice to know how my baby’s bum feels in the pampers in the night, as she is in it for 12hrs. Super impressed with premium protection...

Squaddie Dayo1425 said... I love how Pampers is able to keep my little one dry when she's had a long night sleep and I didn't want to wake her...

Sharing online

Please don’t forget that our priority is the health and happiness of you and your loved ones and following developments with COVID-19, we would ask that you do not share the tests with friends in person. Instead, please send your friends videos, pick up the phone to share your thoughts or share online. Only share coupons and samples when you believe it is safe to do so, the coupons do not expire until the end of June.

If you’ve done the Touch Test and want to share it with friends as a Facebook or Instagram story, be sure to use #PampersSquad and #AD, and send us the url:

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We wish you a cosy weekend with your family, Squaddies!

@all: What items did you use to compare with your Pampers Premium Protection nappies?


Sweetberry Verified 26/03/2020 - 15:52

I usually use Asda little angels as they are cheaper. But I had to change baby nappy twice often whereas when I used the premium protection nappy I only change the nappy once during the night time. So I am quite happy to buy pampers nappies as I believe they there the best once ion the market

Momma_bear Verified 26/03/2020 - 15:57

We are having a really positive outcome using our Pampers nappies.
My little girl is such a fidget in her sleep and we have gone through every brand of nappy we can get hold of to find one that doesn’t leak or make her sore.

I love the ease of use and the observation/indication strip at the front as it means I can check the nappy without a full undress.

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