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Complete the Final Survey

Over the past festive weeks, we became Pampers nappy pants experts and emerged victorious over the #WriggleWrestle! It's now time to share our final feedback with Camille and the Pampers Team!

Final survey Special thanks to Squaddies Ririjiane and Liahni for sharing their fab snaps

Let's finish our project with a bang by completing the final survey. It's the most important part of the project and we have the chance to share our personal final thoughts directly with Camille and the Pampers Team.

Take the Final Survey

Did you win the #WriggleWrestle?

Then share the news with fellow parent wrestlers on Social Media with the hashtag #iWonTheWriggleWrestle & #PampersSquad and show them how the Pampers nappy pants can help them win it too!

Continue to send us feedback:

  • Upload the latest "ask your friend" sheets with your fellow parent wrestlers' opinions.

  • Send us the URL links to your latest Social Media posts containing the hashtag #WriggleWrestle and

  • Share the latest photos from your catch-ups with fellow parent wrestlers

All the reporting tools will be available until January 18th. Remember, all links can also be found in your personal member area.

Let's show Camille and the Pampers Team how we got on with our activities!

@all: What was your favourite moment of the project?

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What did our friends say about the Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants?

Christmas was the perfect opportunity to share our experiences with Pampers nappy pants and show more parent wrestlers how they can help them win the wriggle wrestle too!

Upload "ask your friends" sheets

Their impressions are equally valuable to Camille and the Pampers Team and they will help us finish this project with a bang!

Squaddie ClaireBarra mentioned her friend's reaction to the Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants:

Still loving the Pampers nappy pants and have now handed out the last of my samples and most of the vouchers at messy play today! I already have one parent converted to the nappy pants. They will be using them from now on! Loving help parents win the #WriggleWrestle. I know how much the nappy pants have helped me!

Finally, Squaddie Ginfanmun and her besties are ready to stock up:

Really impressed with the nappy pants - sooooo much easy to put on than a nappy when all your one year old wants to do is climb! Have handed out the samples to some friends at playgroup and they have been impressed too - think you may have a few new converts!

Whenever you have a conversation about the Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants, make sure you collect impressions using the "ask your friends" sheets and feed them anonymously back to Camille and the Pampers Team.

Upload "ask your friends" sheets

Continue to spread the news!
With or without samples, let fellow parents know how they can victorious and win the wriggle wrestle too. Remember to collect their opinions via the "ask your friends" sheets; you can even do it directly via your smart phone - no printed sheet needed!

@all: What did your friends say about the Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants?

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Pampers Squad, Camille and the Pampers Team!

Merry Xmas

We hope you have an amazing Christmas with your little one and the rest of your family and friends.

You can keep busting the myth over the Christmas period by sharing to social media with the #WriggleWrestle and #PampersSquad and also uploading the collected Ask Your Friend Sheets with the opinions of your fellow parent wrestlers via your member area.

Have the most amazing Christmas!

@all: Will you be meeting up with more parents friends and relatives over Christmas? Share your victory and show them how Pampers nappy pants can help them win the #WriggleWrestle too!

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Are you winning the #WriggleWrestle?

Have Pampers nappy pants made your wriggly nappy changes that much easier?

Now you've had the chance to test Pampers Nappy Pants, and shared with your friends and posted online, vote in our mini poll and share your comments with the rest of the Squaddies:

Your impressions

Have Pampers Nappy Pants made winning the Wriggle Wrestle easier?


157 participants, 90%


18 participants, 10%

If you haven't yet already remember to reach out and meet up with your fellow parents and bust the myth that nappy pants are only for toddler age children. Plus remember to share your samples and coupon coupons so they can use them on their next shopping spree.

Don't forget to take photos and short videos during your fun activities and also collect their impressions via the "Ask your friends" sheets.

@all: How much time do you think nappy pants are saving you during nappy changes?

Pal 18/12/2018 - 07:36

Time to share our reviews

When it comes to winning the #WriggleWrestle, we are the Pampers expert Mythbusters! Our experiences and newly found expertise can help other parent wrestlers.

show other parent wrestlers how they can win the wriggle wrestle too

We've had some time testing the Pampers nappy pants with our little ones and enjoying an easier nappy change.

By submitting our reviews on we can help other parent wrestlers by telling them how Pampers nappy pants can help them emerge victorious and win the #WriggleWrestle too!

Leave your review here

Can't think of what to say? Check the instructions on the notification in your personal member area. Don't forget to send us the link from your review via an online report.

@all: How many stars are in your report? Let the rest of the Squad team know what you thoughts!

Pal 13/12/2018 - 09:00

Helping our fellow parents win the #WriggleWrestle too!

We are getting used to Pampers nappy pants and are starting to an enjoy a more hassle-free nappy change. Thanks to the content of your kit, we get to share this victorious experience with others.

Share the samples and coupons from your kit!

Squaddie Kayleylouise shared with us on the blog:

I’m loving the nappy pants. No leaks. Will definitely be purchasing again. Not buying any other brand now. I’ve been handing out all the samples and vouchers!

Squaddie Katelou92 also shared her experiences:

I’m absolutely loving these nappy pants! Compared to other brands these are by far the best. My little girl settles better on a night time and they are so much easier to get off. Other brands are hard to rip at the sides but these just come off better. Amazing!

Help your fellow parent wrestlers

Camille and the Pampers Team thoughtfully prepared 5 envelopes which contain 2 samples of Pampers nappy pants each to share with some of fellow parent wrestlers.

Hand them out and show your pals how Pampers nappy pants can help them win the wriggle wrestle too! Make sure to take photos from your catch-ups and don't forget to collect their valuable opinions with the "ask your friends" sheets you've found in your kits. Once completed, simply upload their responses:

Upload "Ask your friends" sheets

@all: The weekend is here! Get-togethers, NCT groups or even catch-ups - how are you planning to share the samples and the coupons? We can't wait for your exciting group snaps.

Pal 11/12/2018 - 09:00

Emerge victorious from the #WriggleWrestle

We've only just started with our goal to win the #WriggleWrestle and many of our Squaddies dove into their activity, have put the nappy pants to the test and shared their first impressions.

Our #WriggleWrestle Team is ready for  action Special thank you to Squaddies Sarahmitchener84, nathicky09, Hol73 and LaurawarrenJan89 for the fabulous snaps

Posts of excitment have been shared letting everyone know how they are going to emerge victorious and win the wriggle wrestle with the help of Pampers nappy pants.

Squaddie LaurawarrenJan89 (right) did a countdown between a nappy and a nappy pant change and shared her findings on Twitter. Additionally, Squaddie nathicky09 (bottom left) posted a video while changing her little wriggler's nappy pant to share her victory with her friends and followers.

Finally, Squaddie MJones97 shared her first impressions from using the Pampers Nappy Pants:

My son slept for over 12 hours last night and there were no leaks!! Amazing!

Share your first impressions

Put the Pampers Nappy Pants to the test and post on Social Media about your experience along with photos and videos and our hashtag #WriggleWrestle. Show your friends and followers how Pampers Nappy Pants can help them win the Wriggle Wrestle too!

Send us the links to your posts

@all: What do you think of the nappy pants so far? Have they helped you with your daily wrestle to change your little wriggler?

Pal 06/12/2018 - 10:33

Our #WriggleWrestle kits arrive

All the kits have been sent out and will soon be knocking on our doors. Here are some exclusive images of what they actually look like!

Our #WriggleWrestle Kits

Camille and the team over at Pampers have packed an amazing Squad Kit for our project, we can't wait for them to arrive!

Upon its arrival post exciting selfies holding your kit, unboxing photos or videos and let friends and followers on Social Media know you're part of the team - your hashtag for this project is #WriggleWrestle.

Send us the URL links from your posts via your first Online Report (remember to read the instructions on how to do that).

Share your URL links

Emerge victorious!

Try the Pampers nappy pants on your little wriggler and show your victory by posting videos, photos and comments with #WriggleWrestle and #PampersSquad!

Let's show fellow parent wrestlers everywhere how the Pampers nappy pants can help them win the wriggle wrestle too!

@all: How do you like our Squad Kit?

Pal 04/12/2018 - 09:10

How do we share feedback with the Pampers Team?

The Squad Kits will be delivered soon. Let's familiarise ourselves with the tools we'll be using to share our #WriggleWrestle activity with Camille and the Pampers Team - accessible even through smartphones!

Our project tools for the project The project tools remain available at all times in your personal member area, marked in the green box in the picture above

Online Reports Tool

Send us the URL links from your Social Media posts containing the hashtag #WriggleWrestle and:

  • photos, videos and comments from winning the #WriggleWrestle and your catch-ups with your fellow parent wrestlers
  • your personal posts on your blogs and
  • reviews that you've shared about Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants

Need help finding the URL link you want to share? Simply follow the guidelines in our instructions page.

"Ask your friends" sheets

Use the printed forms you'll find in your Squad Kit to collect your fellow parent wrestlers' opinions.

Hand them out when sharing how you've emerged victorious from the #WriggleWrestle along with samples and coupons. Collect the completed forms back and transfer their answers to the electronic form.

Forgot the printed sheets?
No need to worry, you can allow your parent wrestlers to submit their opinions by accessing your member area directly through your smartphone.

Photo Gallery

Share snaps from winning the #WriggleWrestle and from your catch-ups with your fellow parent wrestlers and inspire your fellow Squaddies and the Pampers Team with your activity.

Active Squaddies always stand out

By using the tools during the project you show us that you're an amazing Squaddie who actively participates and that you'd be ideal for the future teams. We are always on the lookout for exciting members in our projects!

@all: Where will you post your first exciting selfie holiding your Squad Kit?

Pal 29/11/2018 - 09:00

Welcome to the #WriggleWrestle team!

Get ready win the wriggle wrestle, emerge victorious and help fellow parent wrestlers win it too!

Welcome to the Wriggle Wrestle project team

Congratulations on making it on to the team. Camille (left) and Nicole (right) from the Pampers Team can't wait to find out all about your experiences with Pampers nappy pants. As our little ones become wrigglier, nappy changes become more of a wrestle.

Over the next few weeks, you'll be our Wriggle Wrestle Team who'll test the Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants and bust the myth that they are only suitable for toddler-age children!

Our team's Squad Goals:

  • Put 'em to the test - try Pampers nappy pants for yourself and win the wriggle wrestle with your little one!
  • Share with fellow wrestlers - meet up with your parent pals and share nappy pants samples and coupons to help them win the wriggle wrestle too!
  • Post online – share your secret to winning the wriggle wrestle with friends and followers on social media using #WriggleWrestle and why not share your own Wriggle Wrestle video too!

Keep an eye on your email inbox, we will be in touch with our next steps in the project and visit the project blog regularly to share your comments and let us all know how you're getting on!

Your Squad Kit

All Squad kits will be delivered by the end of next week. Whilst waiting for its arrival, check out your personal member area and discover the tools we'll be using in the project - how to feedback URL links from your social media posts, upload images and the completed "Ask your friends" sheets with the opinions of the parents you shared samples, coupons and experiences with.

Go to member area

Have lots of fun, we look forward to receiving your thoughts!

@all: How are you planning to bust the myth that nappy pants are only for toddlers?

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