Pal 18/10/2018 - 09:00

Our Squad Kits for the Project

With all the kits being sent out, we would like to share a sneak preview of what they actually look like!

Our fab Squad kit for our project with the NEW Pampers Premium Protection nappies

As you can see, Faye and the team over at Pampers have created yet another amazing Squad Kit for our project. We can't wait for them to arrive!

Get ready to bust the myth that all nappies are created equal!

  • Snap selfies and unboxing photos or videos with your kit and your little one
  • Share the news with friends and followers on Social Media and let them know you're part of the #PampersSquad
  • Read the Project Handbook carefully and get ready to run the Comfort Tests for yourself BEFORE reaching out to your parent-to-be pals

Remember, you can send us the links to your online posts via an online report in your personal member area. You can even do it directly from your smartphone!

Send us your URL links

@all: How do you like our Squad Kit? Where will you post the first snap after you receive it?

Pal 16/10/2018 - 09:00

Welcome to the project team!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the team for our project with the NEW Pampers Premium Protection nappies! Congratulations on making it on to the team, Squaddies!

The Pampers Team welcomes you to the project! Meet Faye (right) and the rest of the Pampers Team!

Remember becoming a parent for the first time and all the decisions you've had to make before you even welcomed your little one into your lives? Now that we've been through it all, we can at least help other parent and parent-to-be pals make the right nappy choice.

Our Squad Goals:

There are 3 Comfort Tests that will help us bust the myth that all nappies are created equal:

  • Try the Comfort Tests for yourself and feel exactly what our little ones feel
  • Then, reach out to your pregnant pals to show them the difference between Pampers and other nappies
  • Hand out samples and coupons so they can stock up and collect their impressions &
  • Share your findings far and wide on Social Media using #PampersSquad

The Pampers Squad team will be in touch with you via emails and on the blog to support and guide you through this project.

Your Squad Kit

All the kits will be delivered within the next few days. Whilst waiting for your Squad Kit to arrive, check out your personal member area to discover all the tools we'll be using in the project to feedback our online posts, upload images and the completed 'Ask your friends' sheets with the opinions of our parent and parent-to-be pals!

Check out your personal member area

Have lots of fun, we look forward to receiving your thoughts!

@all: Who are you going to talk to first about the NEW Pampers Premium Protection nappies, AFTER you've run the Comfort Tests for yourself?

Pal 14/09/2018 - 11:40

Welcome to our new Squad Project!

Together with 1,000 lucky Squaddies, we will be testing NEW Pampers Premium Protection and sharing the news with our mum-to-be pals.

Claim your spot in our new Project to try the new Pampers Premium Protection nappies and bust the myth that all nappies are created equal Since time began, new parents have been trying to understand exactly how their little ones feel.

As we can't try on nappies for ourselves, the Pampers Team have created three comfort tests so that we can feel just what our little one feels and discover just how comfy these new nappies are.

The Project info page contains all the necessary info, so have a look and make sure you submit your application to claim your spot in the project team!

To increase your chance of being selected for the team, make sure that you've connected your Social Media accounts to your Squad profile, as we always love having social media savvy Squaddies on board.

@all: What would you do to spread the word? Let us know below!