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Our #PurePioneer highlights

Over the past weeks, us #PurePioneers have put the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes to the test and introduced them to the whole nation via our activity.

Our highlights from the Pampers Pure Project Thank you Squaddies Vlm1989, KPampers and Holly for the inspiring posts, you've been amazing #PurePioneers

Our final feedback is incredibly valuable for Nayan and the Pampers Team, so let's share our expertise from our everyday use of Pampers Pure and have our voices be heard:

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Use #PurePioneer for the last time, tag Pampers Team with @pampersuk_ire and share your final thoughts. Need inspiration? Here's what Squaddie Vlm1989 (photo up left) has already shared:

Well, @pamperspure, it has been a pleasure. Looking back on our #purepioneer journey, along with feeling extremely lucky to have been selected, I’ve realised that I didn’t take anywhere near enough photos of the wonderful #teamotter nappies (sorry Nayan and team). These nappies have been great - pure from the inside out, and Charlie hasn’t suffered from nappy rash whilst using them (happy bum, happy Mum - AMAZING)! When it comes to the wipes, I just can’t fault them. I’m off to the shops to stock up on wipes and nappies, see ya later folks. As for the rest of you, scoot your way over to the major supermarkets to try them for yourselves, you won’t regret it!

Remember, the reporting tools are available until October 12th. You can continue to share your online links, submit "ask your friend" sheets and upload your photos - you can find the tools in your personal member area.

@all: What's been your favourite moment from our debut Squad project?

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The Pampers Pure stock-up

Our activity continues to introduce the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes to more parents everywhere. Even fellow Squaddies that aren't members of the Project team joined the #PurePioneer wave!

The Pampers Pure baby deal stock-up has commenced.

Over at our Missions blog, fellow Squaddies have been sharing the Pampers baby deal event of their preference for their winter stock up. Inspired by our activity and our expertise, they've been keeping an eye out for Pampers Pure as well!

Squaddie Dancingshoes1990 shared on the blog:

Tesco have Pampers on offer at half price £4 a pack instead of £8.

Additionally, Squaddie sarahmullen1401 commented:

Baby Event started in Sainsburys, Pampers Pure nappies £5; Pampers Nappy Pants £4. I will be stocking up at that bargain.

Did you know about these Pampers baby event deals?
Go ahead and #PurePioneer, share the news with your parent friends and followers and help them benefit from the baby deals during their shopping spree this weekend.

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@all: Where will you and your parent pals be heading for your winter stock-up?

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Our #PurePioneer thoughts on the Pampers Pure wipes

This Squad team and their parent pals have been extra lucky, as they've had the chance to test all the products in this new Pampers range. The comments about the wipes have been equally exciting from all #PurePioneers.

Our #PurePioneer opinions on the Pampers Pure wipes Special thanks to Squaddies Doublebubble; Harvi_roopra & Staceosaur for their fab photos!

Squaddie Harvi_roopra for example shared the middle snap above after coming back from her stock up, and wrote:

Had to stock up, loving the wipes just as good as the WaterWipes in terms of the moisture and they don’t leave any foamy residue on my little one’s bum when I wipe like the Huggies pure ones do - (I am) totally converted.

Squaddie Poppiepops said she's finally found decent wipes for her daughter:

(...) It’s so hard to find a decent wet wipe, I really like these they are soft and just the right wetness for bum cleaning, also others tend to give my little girl nappy rash and these didn’t... think I’ve found my new wet wipe for her. (...)

Finally, Squaddie 10rabbits shared her parent pals' opinions; which also matched with hers:

Everyone's commented on how nice and moist the wipes are, so they clean up messy bums more effectively! Need to use less wipes so that's better for the environment and our purse, win win, thanks Pampers x

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@all: What do you make of the Pampers Pure wipes? Did your pals share the same opinions with you?

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Our 5-star #PurePioneer expertise

Sharing our experiences in a review takes only a few minutes, but will help thousands of parents reflect upon them and come closer to discovering the Pure protection that works, no compromise!

Nayan and the Pampers Team want to read the reviews from every Squaddie in the project team.
Squaddie tigerlilly, shared her experiences from using the wipes on her daughter's sensitive skin:

My daughter has patches of eczema and we are very wary of anything we use on her skin. These Pure wipes are amazing, they are so delicate, If anything our daughter's skin has improved since using them! We have even used them on her face after eating. They are very soft and good amount of wetness, for even the messiest of clean ups!

Squaddie lilbabe23uk shared her impressions of the Pampers Pure nappies:

These nappies are great, they absorb well and keep my little girls skin dry, she has no redness on her skin or any sores. These nappies have had no leaks, the blue wetness indicator is fantastic as you know when it's time to change rather than trying to judge. Love the cute designs and how soft they are. Highly recommend to others!

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@all: How many stars did you give in your review?

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What do our fellow #PurePioneers say about Pampers Pure?

We are the exclusive Squad team to first test the Pampers Pure collection and introduce it to the nation with our #PurePioneer social media wave. The Pampers Squad projects, however, are never just about us.

Our fellow #PurePioneers have their special part in the Squad project Special thanks to Squaddies RainbowMomma2018, Kittykebab & Jooles for sharing their fab snaps from their fellow #PurePioneers

As the lucky first recipients of the Pampers Pure nappy and wipe samples, our besties have also become part of the #PurePioneer sensation. Their impressions are equally valuable to Nayan and the Pampers Team and they will help us finish this project with a bang!

Squaddie 10rabbits mentioned her friend's reaction to the Pampers Pure nappies:

One of my Mummy friends has left a nice review about Pure nappies, I gave her one out of my own pack to try and she went to Asda and stocked up!

Squaddie MamaFlo shared the reactions of her friend:

Caught up with a friend today and she loved her sample, she tested them at night and had no leakage and loved the fit compared to other pampers nappies. She was asking me where they can be purchased and can’t wait to get a whole pack for her little one! She also wants to sign up to be part of the Pampers Squad 😃🎉

Finally, Squaddie mrsmilliemoo541 and her besties are ready to stock up:

All my envelopes have been given out and friends are giving me their feedback which so far is positive. The coupons especially have been very popular. We are now beginning to see the nappies and wipes in our local supermarkets and I have been stocking up.

Whenever you have a conversation about the Pampers Pure Collection of nappies and wipes, make sure you collect impressions using the "ask your friends" sheets and feed them anonymously back to Nayan and the Pampers Team.
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With or without samples, let fellow parents know of this new collection of nappies and wipes is pure Pampers protection, no compromise and invite them to post their experiences online using the hashtag #PurePioneer too!

Remember to collect their opinions via the "ask your friends" sheets; you can even do it directly via your smart phone - no printed sheet needed!

@all: What did your fellow #PurePioneers say about Pampers Pure? Did they join the hashtag sensation?