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Our #PurePioneer activity spreads

Hundreds of exciting posts containing selfies, unboxing videos and the first Pure impressions have appeared shortly after the first deliveries last week. This Squad team is ready for action, and Nayan and the Pampers Team are amazed by our #PurePioneer kick-off!

Our #PurePioneer posts Special thanks to Squaddies Szabo, KlaudiaAddy & ScillyEllie for sending us the URLs from their wonderful posts! :)

Squaddie Mustangdionn couldn't wait for the delivery and took action:

I bought a pack of Pampers Pure while waiting for my Squad Kit to arrive and I love them, fresh and modern design, they seem to fit better on my little one. The core is not as bulky as baby dry but not as thin as premium but the quality is far better, credit to Pampers Pure. These nappies really feel luxurious. My baby is dry after taking the nappy off and the nappy lasts longer.

Additionally, Squaddie surfbaby put the Pampers Pure collection to the test:

Hi, so excited, opened my kit and started using the nappies. I love how soft they feel. Baby slept well, glad they kept him comfy during the night as he wees a lot. Getting ready to offer samples to friends. Can't wait to see what they think!

Finally, Squaddie Shazzaham reported:

So these nappies and wipes are lovely 😊 I love the design and we have had no leaks and I love the softness of the nappy!

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We are the #PurePioneers who will introduce the Pampers Pure collection to the country! Keep sharing exciting snaps and your experiences with fellow parent friends and followers online, using #PurePioneer and #PampersSquad and send us the links from your posts via the online reports.

@all: What do you think of your Pampers Pure nappies and wipes so far & what's been the most common reaction to your online posts?


GuzaGB • 16/09/2018 - 10:53

Hello team
So I have been using pampers ever since they came out. Absolutely amazing. Nappies are really good great size and fit but mostly lot softer to touch. Supermarket own brands are improving but I happy to sa pampers are once again step ahead. In regard to the wipes I have to say water based wipes are not that great same issue like with rest of the range first few sheets are quite dry and botom ones are really wet. I am afraid to say I will be sticking with competitors brand which have proved to be the best. Many thanks

Chaky14 • 17/09/2018 - 14:56

I have tried the nappies and wipes for a week now and I am impressed. The nappies have not leaked or caused any rash as others have commented. The wipes are really moisturising and feel so soft. The nappies don’t smell as chemically as others and are also really soft. My friends who I have shared them with agree with me. However, as others have commented, the price of the wipes really are too high, I think the nappies are a fair price and my friends have agreed but the wipes are far too expensive. I have already stocked up on more nappies but bring down the price of the wipes pampers and we will all be buying them there’s absolutely no doubt of that! Thank you for the opportunity to try them.

UmmeYahya • 23/09/2018 - 20:48

First impressions on the receiving the packaging I must say I was really impressed with the cutesy clean designs and colours. Although, the tabs could’ve been made a darker shade to distinguish which side is which. No red bottoms so far on my 1 and a half month daughter and her bottom is dry even after a good few hours during the night so that’s a big win. I was a little sceptical with the way the padding is designed as it doesn’t go all the way back, however that doesn’t seem to be of any issue as of yet. I have passed on the samples to my friends and will share their reviews also! I’m yet to try the wipes out. By far the best pampers nappy yet! A much better fit compared to premium protection for sure.

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