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The Pampers Pure stock-up

Our activity continues to introduce the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes to more parents everywhere. Even fellow Squaddies that aren't members of the Project team joined the #PurePioneer wave!

The Pampers Pure baby deal stock-up has commenced.

Over at our Missions blog, fellow Squaddies have been sharing the Pampers baby deal event of their preference for their winter stock up. Inspired by our activity and our expertise, they've been keeping an eye out for Pampers Pure as well!

Squaddie Dancingshoes1990 shared on the blog:

Tesco have Pampers on offer at half price £4 a pack instead of £8.

Additionally, Squaddie sarahmullen1401 commented:

Baby Event started in Sainsburys, Pampers Pure nappies £5; Pampers Nappy Pants £4. I will be stocking up at that bargain.

Did you know about these Pampers baby event deals?
Go ahead and #PurePioneer, share the news with your parent friends and followers and help them benefit from the baby deals during their shopping spree this weekend.

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@all: Where will you and your parent pals be heading for your winter stock-up?


laurabalan Verified 24/09/2018 - 20:00

Already did. And let my friends from Europe know about Pampers Pure and they're waiting for it.

Sarahlmj Verified 25/09/2018 - 22:47

The tescos by me doesn't stock them yet. But the Sainsbury's by me does, so I picked up 2 packs the other day at £5.

Asn893 • 29/09/2018 - 11:02

Best deal in Tesco with the coupon given in our awesome squaddie packs! Nappies £2 total!!! Bargain, excellent deal!

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