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Our #PurePioneer thoughts on the Pampers Pure wipes

This Squad team and their parent pals have been extra lucky, as they've had the chance to test all the products in this new Pampers range. The comments about the wipes have been equally exciting from all #PurePioneers.

Our #PurePioneer opinions on the Pampers Pure wipes Special thanks to Squaddies Doublebubble; Harvi_roopra & Staceosaur for their fab photos!

Squaddie Harvi_roopra for example shared the middle snap above after coming back from her stock up, and wrote:

Had to stock up, loving the wipes just as good as the WaterWipes in terms of the moisture and they don’t leave any foamy residue on my little one’s bum when I wipe like the Huggies pure ones do - (I am) totally converted.

Squaddie Poppiepops said she's finally found decent wipes for her daughter:

(...) It’s so hard to find a decent wet wipe, I really like these they are soft and just the right wetness for bum cleaning, also others tend to give my little girl nappy rash and these didn’t... think I’ve found my new wet wipe for her. (...)

Finally, Squaddie 10rabbits shared her parent pals' opinions; which also matched with hers:

Everyone's commented on how nice and moist the wipes are, so they clean up messy bums more effectively! Need to use less wipes so that's better for the environment and our purse, win win, thanks Pampers x

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@all: What do you make of the Pampers Pure wipes? Did your pals share the same opinions with you?


Shuja • 02/10/2018 - 02:37

Pampers products are perfect in all criteria, I loved to use them always most satisfied

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