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Our #PurePioneer thoughts on the Pampers Pure wipes

This Squad team and their parent pals have been extra lucky, as they've had the chance to test all the products in this new Pampers range. The comments about the wipes have been equally exciting from all #PurePioneers.

Our #PurePioneer opinions on the Pampers Pure wipes Special thanks to Squaddies Doublebubble; Harvi_roopra & Staceosaur for their fab photos!

Squaddie Harvi_roopra for example shared the middle snap above after coming back from her stock up, and wrote:

Had to stock up, loving the wipes just as good as the WaterWipes in terms of the moisture and they don’t leave any foamy residue on my little one’s bum when I wipe like the Huggies pure ones do - (I am) totally converted.

Squaddie Poppiepops said she's finally found decent wipes for her daughter:

(...) It’s so hard to find a decent wet wipe, I really like these they are soft and just the right wetness for bum cleaning, also others tend to give my little girl nappy rash and these didn’t... think I’ve found my new wet wipe for her. (...)

Finally, Squaddie 10rabbits shared her parent pals' opinions; which also matched with hers:

Everyone's commented on how nice and moist the wipes are, so they clean up messy bums more effectively! Need to use less wipes so that's better for the environment and our purse, win win, thanks Pampers x

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@all: What do you make of the Pampers Pure wipes? Did your pals share the same opinions with you?


laurabalan Verified 17/09/2018 - 18:28

I love them. From now on I'll only buy Pure wipes.
One dad said that he liked them and he thinks that are better than Water Wipes.

Hop_on Verified 18/09/2018 - 10:50

They feel like much better quality then some of the other wipes I've used and they retain the moisture so well! Win win!

Netti1503 Verified 18/09/2018 - 11:16

Very good wipes. Absolutely live them. I am using less wipes as they are very wet and you can clean little sweetheart bum within one wipes.
Packaging is in lovely colours. I think I found my perfect match.

10rabbits Verified 18/09/2018 - 15:02

We all love love love Pampers Pure wipes for our babies delicate skin. They are thick, soft and lovely and moist and you can get away with fewer for a bad mess ! A few of us have also found them to be great for make-up removal for delicate eye area. I have even got my Mum, who has dry eye syndrome, using them on her face now after problems with make-up wipes and shes a convert. They are not too expensive either - great xx

Kelio Verified 18/09/2018 - 21:11

We are all loving the wipes. I have shared out the packs now and everyone's feedback is great for both nappies and wipes. I have been out today to stock up on the wipes as we love them so much. We were only using water wipes but have now converted to Pampers Pure wipes as they are less 'wet' than water wipes which I always felt left my daughter's bottom too damp and clammy when putting a clean nappy on. Give starts for these wipes and they are much better value than other pure ranges.

vix10 Verified 18/09/2018 - 21:51

Thank you for picking us to trial the new pampers pure range!

We trialed the size 3s and one of the first things I noticed is the size- they’re much bigger than pampers baby dry and slightly bigger than pampers premium protection. You need to be more consistent in sizing.

I personally am not keen on the otter design. I much prefer some of the other pictures like the ‘I love you’ and bunny rabbit designs on number 2s. The milk bottles are cute but not all babies have bottles of milk so a little offensive to breastfeeding mums.
The nappies are lovely but for a smaller pack and more money is it worth it? I’m not so sure.

I love love love the wipes! they’re the best wipes I’ve ever used.

My friends have had problems using the coupons I have given them so they haven’t purchased any nappies and they think they’re expensive for how many is in a pack compared to the premium protection nappies. Which is a shame.
Thank you for allowing us to trial them and I hope our honesty doesn’t offend too much!

LauraClarke • 20/09/2018 - 13:23

Thank you for letting myself and my family/friends to take part in this project! Nappies are super absorbent, baby’s bum was completely dry and soft! Also loved the wipes no breaks and really wet to clean up. Well done pampers

RK18 Verified 20/09/2018 - 21:12

Every loving mother/parent wants the best of the best for their precious baby and that too without having to compromise for it. The high quality of the Pampers Pure range just shows how loving and caringly it has been created. It is a wonderful way to introduce the purest materials of mother nature to a baby's delicate skin. The Pampers Pure collection consists of nappies and wet wipes that are produced with the purest and gentlest materials that have been carefully sourced and selected, with the baby's best interest in mind. The certification of the British Skin Foundation endorses the collection, to be safe to use from birth onwards. The nappies are made of premium cotton and the inside top layer is a material based of gentle, soft sugarcane. Also featuring a wetness indicator and giving up to 12 hours of dryness Pampers Pure nappies are my number one choice, and as if that wasn't enough to boast about the adorable designs are very eye catching and appealing to the wearer as well as the parents or whoever is on nappy changing duty too. When out and about and unable to do a nappy change, knowing that little one's delicate skin is protected gives peace at mind. The elastic leaves no imprints on the skin, gives a cosy leak proof fit, allowing little one's to get on with what they do best, discovering the world around them, playing, chilling, napping, you know how they work, when they are happy we are happier. I believe that is the seal of approval. The Pampers Pure wet wipes are fragrance free, soft and gentle, they leave no residue of any kind on the skin. Made with organic cotton and a content of 99% water they contain no perfume or alcohol, making them safe to use on little one's face too. The skin is left clean, soft and smooth with no after effects of rashes or irritants. All the major concerns of using products on delicate baby skin have been eradicated by the innovative new Pampers Pure collection. More than half of the symptoms causing uncomfortable skin issues on a baby are from using products containing carelessly resourced materials and chemicals, Pampers are a brand I trust and love, they truly care for the well being of babies and toddlers, and are environmentally responsible and friendly too. All their products are of outstanding high quality. After using, experiencing and seeing the magnificent results, I definitely recommend the new addition to the range, Pampers Pure, to parents everywhere. Pampers, protects precious person's perfectly. #PurePioneer #TeamRabbit 🐰💚👍

Monkeyelvis Verified 22/09/2018 - 11:34

Loved the wipes found I hardly ever needed more than 1 per nappy even with a poo! They are the perfect amount of wet and thickness they adorb the poo nicely and don't spread it! #nopoopeyfingers LOL

Marta91 Verified 22/09/2018 - 13:24

We bought pure wipes for £1 , very good Prince!

Shuja • 02/10/2018 - 02:37

Pampers products are perfect in all criteria, I loved to use them always most satisfied

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