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Time to share our #PurePioneer reviews

We've had some time to test the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes with our little ones. It's time to complete the next project goal and help thousands of parents discover the pure protection that works, no compromise!

Our reviews for the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes

As Pure Pioneers, we are the experts when it comes to Pampers Pure.

  • Did the nappies keep your little one dry? How soft did they feel?
  • Did you like the brand new designs?
  • How did you find the wipes? Where they gentle enough for your litte one?

Share your valuable insights

Your review on the Pampers Pure nappies

Your review on the Pampers Pure wipes

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Nayan and the Pampers Team would really appreciate if we submitted a review for both Pure products. Don't forget to send us the link from your review via an online report.

@all: What did you mention in your #PurePioneer review?

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Turning our parent pals into #PurePioneers

The Pure envelopes will give our fellow parent pals the chance to try the new Pampers range of nappies and wipes. Let's encourage them to become part of our #PurePioneer team.

Our parent pals' opinions are also valuable Thank you Squaddies Ineedtea, Lifestylegemz & zinahfun for the fab photos of your parent pals

Hand out your "ask your friends" sheets to your parent pals

Their impressions are also valuable, as they are some of the lucky first to discover Pampers Pure after us. When you share your sample envelopes with your friends, remember to share an "ask your friends" sheet also. That way, they can anonymously share their impresions about Pampers Pure to Nayan and the Pampers Team:

Upload the collected "ask your friends" sheets

Invite them to join the #PurePioneer viral sensation

Sharing is ... pioneering! We've done an amazing job so far of launching Pure to the nation with our #PurePioneer social media posts. Why not encourage your parent pals to also share their experiences and snaps with Pure on social media, with the hashtage #PurePioneer

Pampers Pure are now available in most of the stores in the country, check the Google map to locate the one near you and share it with your parent pals to bring them closer to their Pure pack.

@all: What are your pals' comments on Pampers Pure so far?

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Introduce Pampers Pure to your parent pals

We are not just a Social Media sensation, we are also the talk of the town! Luckily, we can share the Pampers Pure experience with some of our parent besties!

sharing the envelopes Special thanks to Squaddies inkyplum, Mum2mum & Oggie07 for the fab activity

Our Squad kits included 5 Pure envelopes which contain 2 nappies, wipes and money-off coupons. Use them to include your closest parent pals in this exciting project just like Squaddie Mum2mum already has, as we see in the central snap above. Squaddie Mum2mum thank you for inspirational activity!

Share the news:

  • Hand out the envelopes and allow your besties to have their own "opening-the-envelope" moment
  • Take loads of photos and share them with us and online using #PamperSquad & #PurePioneer
  • Collect their opinions with the "Ask your friends" sheets and feed them back when returned to you
  • Encourage them to become part of the project and share their own impressions and snaps using #PurePioneer

Time to grab a new Pampers Pure pack? Simply click on this Google sheet to locate them at a store near you!

@all: The weekend is here! How are you planning to share the news and the Pure envelopes?

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The fab Pampers Pure designs

Just because our little ones are wearing nappies, it doesn't mean they’re lacking in style

  • Which team are you?

    Which team are you?

  • .


Thank you Squaddies SuzanneBaillie, Kimuk18 & Gabriellegrrl for the fab snaps!

Pampers Pure combines new plant-based materials with the trusted Pampers protection that really works. Thanks to the new designs on the nappies, our little ones look cool too!

Each size of Pampers Pure nappies has different fancy designs of little animals. Now, our children stand out as little #PurePioneers and represent an exclusive Pure team based on their size.

Represent your team

Take a snap of your little one in his Pampers Pure nappies and tell us, are you:

  • #TeamSloth (size 2)
  • #TeamRabbit (size 2)
  • #TeamOtter (size 3)
  • #TeamLlama (size 4) OR
  • #TeamCorgi (size 5)

Share your snaps with your team's hashtag and #PurePioneer and let the country know which Pure team rules the playground! Remember to send us your links via an online report.

Invite your parent pals to join the fun!

Start sharing the Pure envelops with them, take plenty of group snaps and post your #PurePioneer activity. You can also encourage them to post their own snaps and impressions on their Social Media, along with the appropriate team hashtag and also their dedicated hashtag #PurePioneer.

@all: What do you think of the Pure design? What other designs would you like to see in the future?

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Our #PurePioneer activity spreads

Hundreds of exciting posts containing selfies, unboxing videos and the first Pure impressions have appeared shortly after the first deliveries last week. This Squad team is ready for action, and Nayan and the Pampers Team are amazed by our #PurePioneer kick-off!

Our #PurePioneer posts Special thanks to Squaddies Szabo, KlaudiaAddy & ScillyEllie for sending us the URLs from their wonderful posts! :)

Squaddie Mustangdionn couldn't wait for the delivery and took action:

I bought a pack of Pampers Pure while waiting for my Squad Kit to arrive and I love them, fresh and modern design, they seem to fit better on my little one. The core is not as bulky as baby dry but not as thin as premium but the quality is far better, credit to Pampers Pure. These nappies really feel luxurious. My baby is dry after taking the nappy off and the nappy lasts longer.

Additionally, Squaddie surfbaby put the Pampers Pure collection to the test:

Hi, so excited, opened my kit and started using the nappies. I love how soft they feel. Baby slept well, glad they kept him comfy during the night as he wees a lot. Getting ready to offer samples to friends. Can't wait to see what they think!

Finally, Squaddie Shazzaham reported:

So these nappies and wipes are lovely 😊 I love the design and we have had no leaks and I love the softness of the nappy!

Continue to #PurePioneer

We are the #PurePioneers who will introduce the Pampers Pure collection to the country! Keep sharing exciting snaps and your experiences with fellow parent friends and followers online, using #PurePioneer and #PampersSquad and send us the links from your posts via the online reports.

@all: What do you think of your Pampers Pure nappies and wipes so far & what's been the most common reaction to your online posts?