Pampers Pure

Pampers Pure

An exclusive team of Squaddies tried out the Pure Collection of Pampers nappies and wipes.

17/07/2018 to 16/10/2018

Hello #PurePioneer

Welcome to this pioneering new Squad project with Pampers Pure. You and your little one could become the talk of the nappy changing room by being the first in the country to try and share about the much awaited Pampers Pure Collection.

  • Introducing Pampers Pure nappies and wipes

    Introducing Pampers Pure nappies and wipes

  • Made with thoughtfully selected materials

    Made with thoughtfully selected materials

  • For Pure Protection that works. No compromise!

    For Pure Protection that works. No compromise!

We like to think every project we run here on the Pampers Squad is special - but this one is truly unique.

Pampers Pure is a brand-spanking-new collection of nappies and wipes that combine premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected, plant-based materials with Pampers' trusted performance and protection.

And we aren’t launching the Pure Collection with a TV ad, we aren’t launching Pure with billboards on the side of every bus, we’re launching Pure with YOU – real mums and dads who like to bravely go where no parent has gone before!

Our Squad Goals:

As a #PurePioneer, it's our goal to get the word out about Pampers Pure by:

  1. Test – Put the Pampers Pure Collection of nappies and wipes to the test with your little one
  2. Post – Share your first impressions and unboxing images on social media with the hashtag #PurePioneer
  3. Natter – Talk the talk and walk the walk by sharing your samples of nappies and wipes and pioneering thoughts with your besties

You will receive:

  • Free full size packs of Pampers Pure nappies AND wipes
  • The Pampers Pure Squad Project Guide
  • 5 Pampers Pure nappies and wipe samples and coupons to SHARE with your pals
  • "Ask your friends" sheets to collect your parent pals' opinions

We can't wait to see everyone trying Pure for the first time! So if you think you would love to pioneer Pure - let us know you're interested by applying now!

Applications for this project are now closed. Do follow along on the Project Blog!

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