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Our #PurePioneer sensation introduced the Pampers Pure collection of nappies and wipes to the nation and helped fellow parent pals everywhere discover the Pampers Pure protection that works, no compromise!

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Pampers goodies - nappies & wipes - Pampers Pure My wonderfully exciting papers pure kit. So pleased to be a squaddie - Pampers Pure My amazing box of pampers pure! - Pampers Pure Here are the goodies received by post and to be ready to given away to mums and dads of babies for trying new range of pampers pure wipes and nappies 
#pamperspurewipes - Pampers Pure Unpacked. Highly impressed amazing quality. Can’t wait to try - Pampers Pure First thought... 

Wow! So excited  - Pampers Pure It arrived ??? - Pampers Pure Well they’re a HIT! 

They hold in wee all night! 
They don’t leak! 
Super soft, no nappy rash for us ? - Pampers Pure Ave read through my pack feeling excited and informed can’t wait for plAygroup and to pass on the goodies and get everyone to fill in their forms #pampers#squaddie#mumsintheknow - Pampers Pure Box was a bit bashed but exciting all the Same came with loads of sample packs and full pack of nappies can’t wait to get to plAygroup this week to dish them out #pampers#squaddie#mumsintheknow - Pampers Pure Ohhh how exciting it’s finally here #squaddie#pampers#mumsintheknow - Pampers Pure Pure nappy - fab fit - Pampers Pure Great design - Pampers Pure Pure Squad Pack - sooo exciting! - Pampers Pure 0-e0877f62-9486-4b19-ad1c-e878b2f0 - Pampers Pure PampersSquadie!!! - Pampers Pure Baby friendly  - Pampers Pure Baby loves pampers pure  - Pampers Pure