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Our favourite Preemie posts so far…

We’re well into our very special #PampersForPreemies project and the social media posts are coming thick and fast, which means lots of donations to Bliss, the UK’s leading prematurity charity.

Pamper for preemies

The Pampers team have loved seeing all of your social posts so far. Take a look at a couple of our faves:

Squauddies Ballio89 is a Super Mum who shared the story of her brave and strong son who arrived much earlier than expected.

Squaddies Halmulla shared an adorable heart hand photo with #PampersForPreemies that, like all similar posts, generated a £1 donation to Bliss.

Have you shared your story yet? Keep posting your hand-heart pics and for every post that includes the #PampersForPreemies hashtag, £1 will be donated to Bliss. You’ll also have the chance to win a £40 Asda Gift Card when you send in you online post with #PampersForPreemies and #PampersSquad:

Share your post

And while we’re here, what are your plans tonight? Keep an eye out for the new Pampers commercial (in the ad break of Gogglebox) featuring cyclist Sir Chris Hoy and his wife Sarra. Their son Callum was born at 29 weeks so they know all too well about life with a preemie babe. Let your pals know to keep an eye out too.

@all: Where have you shared your hand heart pics so far?

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