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What makes Pampers Preemie Protection nappy special?

As a parent, we all know how important sleep is for our little ones but for premature babies it’s crucial. To grow and develop, preemie babies should be spending a whopping 97% of the time sleeping. Not easy when you factor in regular nappy changes using nappies that aren’t designed for tiny babies.

Pampers Preemies

That’s why Pampers have created Pampers Preemie Protection nappies to fit even the littlest babies. The P3 size is three times smaller than a regular newborn nappy and is suitable for babies weighing less than 1.8lb.

Take a look at your phone now…that’s approximately the width of these tiny nappies designed to fit the smallest tummies.

For extra comfort, they also feature:

  • All over fastening for a customisable fit to minimise disruption
  • Gentle flex cuffs for delicate little legs
  • Absorb-away liner to draw away mess to help keep your baby dry for longer whilst sleeping

Help preemie babies

For every social share that uses the hand-heart image and the #PampersforPreemies hashtag, £1 will be donated to Bliss, the UK’s leading premature charity, to help support tiny babies and their parents at the time they need it most.

Have you shared yet? Don’t forget the hashtag #PampersForPreemies and #PampersSquad and send us you post for the chance to win a £40 Asda Gift Card.

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2bob • 07/12/2019 - 12:35

My son loves these nappies his never been so happy thanks.

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