Our #ThankYouMidwife project has come to an end and we've loved every second of it!

Not only did we complete our goal to spread love and support the Pampers Team with their #ThankYouMidwife initiative, but for the first time we've had a Squaddie of our own to represent us at a special Pampers event!

With this special relationship we are building with the Pampers Team, we are making an impact!

Our #ThankYouMidwife winner

Congratulations to everyone who shared their personal stories, submitted their links and downloaded Paloma Faith's "Un-silent Night" Christmas single with the Midwife Choir.

Our posts have made midwives around the UK feel appreciated and valued! Congratulations to our Squaddie MumofSonny who is our special winner:

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It's the season of goodwill so it's only right that we extend our heartfelt thanks to the truly amazing midwives who bring life into the world each and every day. I had an amazing experience at the Ulster Hospital (although I didn't think it at the time!). At 5am on 18 June 2018, I was brought into the Home from Home wing after seven hours of painful contractions on a birthing ball in the labour ward. I plopped into the birthing pool, as per my birth plan and was there (in and out) until Sonny was born at 10.10am. I stuck with gas and air, despite yelling and begging for pain relief - my contractions were in my lower back. I had two brilliant but very different midwives. The first was calm and encouraging while the second was a bit like a headmistress, but it's what I needed. She got me doing what I needed to do and I'll always be grateful to her for that. Thank you Charlie Speers and Courtney Irwin-Millar. You were both amazing! #ThankYouMidwife #PampersSquad #ulsterhospital #homefromhome #midwifrey @pampersuk_ire @setrust 🙌👏👊😊❤🎁👼

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Thank you for the great activity, Squaddies!

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