The Pampers Team invited us to join their special ThankYouMidwife initiative and many of us Squaddies joined the cause to proudly say #ThankYouMidwife!

Our posts were noticed, but also rewarded!

Congratulations to everyone who joined the activity and shared their Midwife stories. Together with the Pampers Team, we have managed to make midwives around UK feel appreciated and valued!

Our #ThankYouMidwife winners

(in random order) are:

Squaddie lcdia82

15 months ago this tiny dancer came into our lives... Special thank you to the midwives @epsom_sthelier especially Pippa and @johnstonehollie for helping me through the birth, birth plan got thrown out the window but they held my hands and got me through it. They kept popping in to say hi and encouraged me when I felt low. Amazing how they find the strength to be positive for everyone! @pampersworld #thankyoumidwife #studentmidwife #timeflies #timetoappreciate #sthelier #nhs #cybexcloudq

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Squaddie rachmaduk

#thankyoumidwife @pampersworld A little over a week ago this wonderful woman, Diane, helped our miracle boy come into the world. An absolutely wonderful midwife at Royal Bolton Hospital, a credit to her profession and a genuinely beautiful human being. I was petrified going into theatre, she held me, comforted me, distracted me and made sure myself and my baby were okay. We were clearly her number 1 priority the entire time, and she even came back from her lunch break 20 minutes early to make sure she could take us from recovery up to the postnatal ward. We can’t thank her enough, and when we eventually get round to our thank you cards and presents, she’s top of our list! 💕

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Squaddie Postgrace

A little clip of Emelia at about 2 minutes old! 💕 I’m so appreciative to my lovely midwife for helping me safely deliver Emelia. She was so calm and attentive and I felt completely in safe hands at a very vulnerable time in my life. She also stayed on after her shift was finished so she could deliver Emelia for us💕 ☺️ midwives are amazing and should never feel under appreciated. The work they do is incredible so thankyou #thankyoumidwife #pampersnappies @pampersworld

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Squaddie AlbertJake

It feels like only yesterday that I took this photo, the morning after you were born and your daddy came back to the hospital, proud as punch, dressed in a shirt and trousers to bring us home. This photo means so much to me. Such a special moment between father and son, a bond that will never be broken. My whole world captured in one photo to cherish forever 💙 I love you and your daddy more than words can say and we are eternally grateful for the incredible midwives that helped you into our arms ❤️ @hampson46 @pampersworld #ThankYouMidwife #babyboy #albertjake #fatherandson #onedayold #myboys #myworld

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Squaddie GraigTwinsUK

As a member of the #pampersquad I’m sharing my #thankyoumidwife message and @pampersworld will donate £1 to the Royal College of Midwives for every thank you message. I was under the consultant lead team from the second we found out we were expecting, so my contact with midwives throughout my pregnancy and my then emergency csection was minimal, but it was the care of a midwife when I’d come out of theatre that I’m thankful for. There were no beds in recovery so I was sent back to the labour ward to wait. I wasn’t bothered, but she was incredibly sweet and apologetic. She literally sat with me and my mum for hours, whilst Gav was with the boys in the #neonatal. She eventually encouraged me to get my sorry (and numb) ass into the wheelchair and visit my boys in the HDU. I always think that they see so many women that they would forgot you in a flash, but I popped in a few weeks later and she asked me how I and the boys were doing, which meant a lot💞 This is Ollie and I at the Bluebell woods yesterday. Swipe to see me and him together just one day old in special care 💞#twinmum #mumlife #mbloggers #netmumsloves #momandson #toddlersofinstagram #spring #mumsnetparents #familyday #love #mum #momlife #motherhoodunplugged

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Thank you for the great activity, Squaddies!

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