Pampers Squad joined forces with Pampers to say #ThankYouMidwife

02/05/2018 to 23/05/2018

Our online posts for #ThankYouMidwife

In this project, we join the Pampers team in a special initiative to proudly say #ThankyouMidwife and share our personal midwife story.

For every single tweet, Insta or Facebook post shared with this hashtag, Pampers will donate £1 to the Royal College of Midwives’ Benevolent Fund.

Get inspired by the posts of our fellow Squaddies and share your own #ThankYouMidwife story! Don't forget to share the URL link with us via an online report, 5 posts that will stand out will win a **month's worth of free nappies. (read our post for more guidelines)

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