About Pampers Squad

Try out new and well-known products for free with the Pampers Squad then share your experiences with fellow parents and your friends and followers online.

The Pampers Squad

With tons of perks and the chance to influence the Pampers brand - you’ll want in on the Pampers Squad. As a Squaddie, you will:

Pampers Squad Projects

Our Projects allow you to try Pampers products for free (often before they're even available in the shops), tell us your honest opinions and chat to other Pampers Squaddies on the project blog.

And it’s not just you who benefits from your participation, you can share your experiences (and your samples) with those around you as well as your friends and followers online.

How do I become a Pampers Squaddie?

Register for free to join the Pampers Squad. Once you've registered, you can use your Pampers Squad membership and apply for all Projects, join Squad Missions and share beautiful Moments with us and all other Squaddies. And, just so you know, your personal information will always be treated in strictest confidence.

Have fun!

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