Frequently asked questions

Check out the answers to the questions we’re asked most frequently about Pampers Squad.


What is the Pampers Squad?

As a Pampers Squaddie you will have the opportunity to try Pampers products for free and share your experiences with friends, family and those who follow you on social media. You can also give feedback directly to the Pampers brand and share beautiful moments from your life as a parent with other Pampers Squad members.

How can I be featured on Pampers’ Instagram page?

The best social media posts are those that show you and your little ones enjoying Pampers wipes and nappies. If you want to be featured on Pampers official page, here are some quick handy hints:

  1. Make sure your little one is wearing their nappy and we can see that it’s Pampers
  2. Have the nappy or wipes pack in shot
  3. Aim for an everyday setting – we want to see the real deal
  4. Make sure your shot is sharp and well lit
  5. Add #PampersSquad and tag @pampersuk_ire

Want to even more info? We have a full “How to get featured” workshop on the blog.

How does it work?

In order to take part you will first need to register as a member of the Pampers Squad. Once you've done this you will have the opportunity to apply for new projects and test Pampers projects free of charge. You can update your profile information in your personal Squad area at any time and perform Squad missions on a regular basis (e. g. complete short surveys or complete small tasks on the side). In Pampers Moments, you will have the chance to share beautiful situations from your family life with other Squaddies.

How do I join the Pampers Squad?

Simple, you register as a Pampers Squaddie.

Is it free?

Yes! Both membership the Pampers Squad and participation in ambassador projects are free of charge.

Can I log in with my login?

Unfortunately not. At the moment, it's not possible to transfer your details from one platform to the other. However, we recommend using the same login and email address so that your profiles may be merged at a later date.

Is there a membership card?

No, there is no membership card for the Pampers Squad. Your membership is documented with your profile in your personal member area.

What are Pampers Squad Stars?

Each time you make certain contributions to Pampers Squad activities, you’ll be awarded with Squad Stars. The more Squad Stars you have, the more you will stand out as a great Squaddie who’s perfect for future projects! Take a closer look:

20 Stars
You'll be awarded 20 stars when you:

  • Are chosen as the Pampers Moment of the Month
  • Are chosen as a Pampers Mission of the Month

5 Stars
You'll be awarded 5 stars when you:

  • Post online about Pampers and share the URL with us (make sure your post is publically visible)
  • Complete a Pampers Missions survey

3 Stars
You'll be awarded 3 stars when:

  • Your blog comment is chosen as a Pampers Team fave
  • Your submitted image is chosen as a Pampers Team fave
  • You complete a Pampers Project survey


Which Pampers Squad projects can I take part in?

All of them! You can be involved in every project even if you don't try out a product yourself. You are encouraged to participate in discussions on the blog and follow the experiences of your fellow Squaddies.


How do I apply to take part in a Squad Mission?

Every time we have a new Mission available, you'll find specific instructions on how you can participate in your personal member area. You will be notified via email but can also find an overview of current missions on the homepage of the Pampers Squad.

Pampers Moments

How do I submit a Pampers Moment?

It's quick and easy: simply head to the Pampers Moment Page where you can submit your Pampers Moment.

When will my submitted Pampers Moments be published?

Every submitted Pampers moment is reviewed and edited by our team. As soon as the article is published on the Pampers Moments page, you will be notified by e-mail. The basic requirement for publication is that you have previously shared your post on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, that it is publically visible there and that you provide us with the complete link to your post.

How is the Pampers moment of the month selected?

The Pampers moment of the month is chosen by a panel at Pampers. To this end, the Pampers Squad team will prepare a pre-selection, which takes into account the voting results of the Pampers Squad on the Pampers Moments page. The panel will make its decision on the basis of this selection. In the event of a tie, the decision is made by lot.

Can I also submit a photo or video by e-mail?

No. Pampers moments can only be submitted if you have previously posted on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Note that these must be publically visible.

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