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17/04/2020 to 31/12/2023

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Five creative ideas to keep bubs entertained indoors

Classes and kiddie play dates are on hold for the time being but that certainly doesn’t mean your kiddo can’t have a whole ton of fun at home with you. Take a look at some of our ideas for keeping your little ones entertained why you all stay home.

Five creative ideas to keep bubs entertained indoors Ahoy there, Squaddies. It’s officially week two of the Squaddie Hub and we’ve been paying close attention to your posts, comments and shares. We thought we’d throw a few suggestions your way for those who are running out of ways to keep the little ones happy, busy and entertained.

We’ve even given each post a theme so you can see which will suit your little one. 😃

  1. MUSIC: a music toddler dance party 🎵

    Name something that puts a smile on your face quicker than turning up your favourite tunes and having a boogie? We’ll wait…no? We thought so! Play your favourite music and get your dance on (tip: the more adults involved, the more your little one will love it).

  2. STIMULATE: sensory bags ✋

    This is a fab idea for little ones who are fascinated with how things feel. All you need is some sandwich bags, tape and a few items of unfamiliar textures (think hair gel, toothpaste and chopped nuts). Put a little of each different texture into a plastic bag and let your little one explore and test to their heart’s content. For older babies and toddlers, tape the bags to the wall so that they can practice balancing and reaching too.

  3. ADVENTURE: build a fort 🏰

    Chances are some of your happiest memories as a kiddo are of building forts with your family. Put a deposit in the memory bank when you build a fort and create a big adventure for your little one. All you need is a few chairs, a big sheet and a little imagination. Your little one will love it!

  4. NATURE: make a rainbow 🌈

    Colours and rainbows are two of every toddlers’ favourite things, making this activity a sure-fire hit! All you need is some coloured dots and some felt tip pens. Draw a simple rainbow on a piece of paper (make sure the colours match the dots you have) and tell kiddo to place a row of dots on each line. Not only is this a super fun activity but it improves hand eye co-ordination and focus and, once you’re done, you can put in your living room window to cheer up your neighbours!

  5. COOKING: cooking with colour 🍝

    If your little one loves messy play then this will be a dream afternoon. Cook up a small amount of rice and spaghetti and add natural food colouring to each. Let your little one play and explore the textures and colours and if you have toddlers, encourage them to make pictures using the ingredients.

Which activity are you going to try first? If you take part, why not upload a pic of your little one as they play?

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@all: Will you try these ideas or do you have a great one of your own? Share your ideas with the rest of the Squad for a chance to be featured later this week!


humma19 Verified 30/04/2020 - 23:18

Yes I will try all the these ideas and have one of my own hopefully.

nitaroma • 03/05/2020 - 23:00

@humma19: Fantastic! :)

Mani72 Verified 24/05/2020 - 23:59

Yes I will try all the these ideas and have one of my own hopefully.

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