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17/04/2020 to 31/12/2023

Pampers-Team 17/11/2020 - 09:00

Pampers For Preemies: A very special Squaddie mission

The team at Pampers aim to support the happy and healthy development of every baby, including those born early. That’s why this World Prematurity Day Pampers is continuing their support of the smallest babies and their families.

This year, a lack of contact and support has meant that many parents with premature babies can feel lonely and isolated, impacting their mental health and even affecting bonding with the new little one.

That’s why Pampers have teamed up with leading prematurity charity Bliss and in-hospital technology partner vCreate, to ensure that premature babies and their families feel supported and connected during this unusual time.

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We’d love your help to spread the word so that we can all support preemie babies and their parents.

What Pampers are doing?

The team at Pampers are working to ensure parents of premature babies have the support and connection that they need. They’re joining up with Bliss and vCreate to provide greater access to technology and suitable resources to ensure new mums and dads feel confident in caring for their little one.

Pampers will also continue to donate their smallest nappies to the most delicate babies. Pampers Preemie Protection nappies are designed for babies weighing less than 1.8lb and offer a special fit to give the smallest babies the skin protection they need.

And how can we help?

There are a number of different ways that we can get involved and help support preemie babies and their families. Here’s how:

1. Get Social

For every share of #PampersForPreemies, or the designated emoji on Twitter, Pampers will sponsor £1 towards the funding of iPads and dongles to NHS Neonatal Units in need with partner @vCreate.

  1. Head over to Twitter: Use the #PampersForPreemies hashtag to find the bespoke campaign emoji
  2. Share your story: Some of us will have direct experience of prematurity. Whether your little one came early or you just remember those tiring early days, we want you to share your experiences to social media. Simply say a few lines about your experiences with a newborn
  3. For every tweet that uses the #PampersForPreemies hashtag, £1 will be donated to vCreate to help to support preemies and their families feel connected

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2. Shop smart

Which shop do you usually pick up your Pampers nappies from? Shop smart and head to Asda.com to donate:

During these strange times, no one deserves to feel alone, least of all a new mum. Let’s do what we can to show them that even apart, we’re all connected.

@all: Will you show your support for preemie families?

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