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17/04/2020 to 31/12/2023

Pampers-Team 14/04/2021 - 09:00

Workshop: How To Get Featured On The Pampers Instagram Page

To you, your little one is already the biggest star, but does the rest of the world know yet? Why not reveal your tiny bundle of sunshine to others and bag yourself a month’s supply of free Pampers nappies in the process?

Snap a stylish shot of your tot with their favourite Pampers nappies (or Pampers wipes), share it on your Instagram and tell your followers what you and your baby love about Pampers and Pampers Squad. Don’t forget to use #PampersSquad, tag @pampersuk_ire, and share the link to be sure your creation gets noticed!

By doing this you can show off your pride and joy to the world, give the guys over at Pampers a reason to smile, and be in with a chance to win a month’s supply of Pampers nappies!

The competitions has ended.

Congrats to our winners:

How to make sure your content stands out?

To get the best shots of your little one together with their Pampers nappies, we have prepared some tips and tricks for you to guide you along:

1. Encourage your baby to look into the camera
It’s not always easy to keep the attention of someone who’s new to the world and has so much to explore. Pull out your funniest faces or hold their favourite toy behind the camera as you snap away to get their eye contact. You might even get a bonus giggle.

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2. Baby, pack, and nappy in one
Second in line to your little king or queen, make sure you include the nappy pack and nappy in the picture. Involve other family members including siblings, pets, and even yourselves – the more the merrier!

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3. Use good lighting
Lighting is crucial to capture vibrant colours and detail in a photo. The best way to achieve this is to use natural lighting, or a well-lit room.

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4. Best angle for the nappies
If you don’t want to show your baby’s face, then we have good news for you! A great angle to present the nappies whilst they’re being worn is from behind. You can hold them on your shoulders or capture them toddling away. By using these techniques, you can avoid showing their face, and get the most out of the product in your picture.

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5. Keep it playful
Practice playful poses with your baby! This way you can make the picture eye-catching and have a little fun together at the same time.

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6. Stay in your natural habitat!
The best photos are always the candid, unplanned ones that capture the real joy of the moment. If you want to make sure your picture looks as authentic as possible, choose an environment that you and your baby often spend time in – e.g. changing area, playroom.

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7. Use the correct hashtags
To be sure your creation doesn’t go unnoticed, don’t forget to use #PampersSquad and tag @pampersuk_ire Now that you have all the pro tips on how to get the best shots, it’s time to get creating and posting! Once your post is live, send us the link to it so we don’t miss it!

Send us you URL

How To Get Featured On The Pampers Instagram Page Use this checklist to make sure your photo pops! Don't forget to download and save it for later - it will come in handy! ;)

The lucky winners will be chosen on the 28th of April. Full competition terms and conditions can be found here.


BG94 Verified 14/04/2021 - 13:59

I dont use social media is there another way to submit a photo?

TheJuziTwins Verified 14/04/2021 - 19:13

Soooo excited again to take part in it. 😍 Bonus- My Twin Girls are always super excited to play with a pack of Pampers! 😉🥰Fingers crossed 🤩

Happybaby Verified 14/04/2021 - 20:51

Dear Pampers UK,

We (our family) are delighted to take part in the Pampers community competition this is a time to show what we can do by being creative so we comprehend (understand) what we will be doing, so we would like to thank Pampers UK for giving us this opportunity to showcase true creativity and cuteness of our happy baby

prouddsmama Verified 16/04/2021 - 09:16

We just love these nappies! Can't seem to find a way to send our pictures in or find out URL?! Any help please?

Sweetgal Verified 18/04/2021 - 21:22

Good luck everyone with their post for the competition! Am excited to take part. 🤞😊❤️

I too had problems too, as I couldn't share the photo, but had copied the link.

Joanna-B • 21/04/2021 - 13:02

I have the same problem: I do not use instagram. I believe there was something mentioned about sharing oppinion with other parents, but no requirements for any partuicular social media. I know a big group of mums and we contact withing our area + whatsapp + phone. We do share oppinions, it is working well for Pampers too.
Another thing is, I believe I should have asked for smaller nappies, but still I can still compare them with others which we use.

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