Pampers active fit nappy pants

Pampers active fit nappy pants

5,000 Squaddies participated in our debut Project with Pampers active fit nappy pants.

16/02/2018 to 22/05/2018

Pampers Nappy Pants Project - Results

5,000 Pampers Squaddies participated in our first ever Squad Project and discovered how Pampers active fit nappy pants are perfect for winning the #WriggleWrestle with our wriggly babies.

We bust the myth that pants are just for toddlers when in fact they are perfect from 6 months old. We got our fellow parent wrestlers in the know by sharing our recommendations, samples and coupons. Here are our Squaddie thoughts:

pampers active fit nappy pants


of parents with wriggly babies would recommend Pampers nappy pants

Opinions of the Wriggle Wrestlers

I've shared the nappies with a lot of my friends who are also suffering from this wriggling stage. All of whom are now converted and they also love the fact there are no leaks. A lot of my friends weren't using Pampers and others were using Pampers normal nappies. The best thing we have all found is after all the shuffling and turning through the night our little ones is still completely dry.

- Squaddie angela82

Our friends and colleagues who have tried the Pampers nappy pants absolutely love them and are thrilled to have been able to try them out. Report that they seem mega comfy and very skin friendly. Their wriggly little ones have not defeated the nappy pants yet, they have been very absorbent and quick to put on and change :)

- Squaddie Baby7

I shared my samples with some of the mums at my baby group. We all agreed the nappy pants are so much easier to put on wriggly babies and great for overnight with how much babies move in there sleep. Defiantly using pampers nappy pants from now on.

- Squaddie Lindsey1982

Pampers active fit nappy pants

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