Welcome to Pampers MythBusters

The first year of a baby’s life is full of milestones. Their first smile, their first tooth, their first step. At Pampers, we’re with you each step of the way, from your little one’s first nappy to their first wriggly nappy change.

  • Our Pampers Milestones project
  • For teeny newborns...
  • and little wrigglers...
  • Pampers is with you for every step.

That’s why we’ve created this Squad Project that caters for all stages of your bubba’s life:

  • For teeny babies, there’s Pampers Premium Protection nappies, our comfiest nappy yet for newborn skin.

  • For little wrigglers, there’s Pampers Premium Protection nappy pants, which are perfect when your little one is too busy exploring to stay still for nappy change!

Depending on which milestone your little one is at, as part of this project we will send you FREE Pampers Premium Protection nappies or nappy pants so that you can roadtest them for yourself…

And then go forth and bust the myth that all nappies are created equal with Pampers Premium Protection nappies OR that nappy pants are only for toddler age children.

To help you be a mythbuster you will receive:

  • A full-size pack of either Pampers Premium Protection nappies or nappy pants (depending on your baby’s age and size)
  • Samples and coupons to share with your parent pals
  • “Ask your friends” sheets to gather your pals’ opinions

Fancy receiving all this, and being a mythbuster? Then apply now!

Update: 26.11.2018
The application phase for our project is now closed! Keep an eye on your inbox, each Squaddie who has submitted their personal application will receive a reply.