Pampers Mythbusting

An exclusive team of Squaddies joined our Pampers New Baby and Pampers Active Fit project to bust the myth and prove that not all nappies are created equal!

23/12/2022 to 24/04/2023

Pampers New Baby & Pampers Active Fit: Pampers’ no.1 comfort & skin protection for your little one

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent. Try as we might, it’s impossible to get everything right. But, what we can do is strive to always make the best possible choices for our little ones. Pampers New Baby and Pampers Active Fit offer Pampers’ no. 1 softness, comfort & trusted leakage protection for babies from the sleepy newborn phase right the way through to those active toddler years. Especially between 12 and 18 months old when babies aren’t just learning to walk but to run, climb, jump and need a nappy that can keep them comfortable through it all.

Want to try Pampers New Baby or Pampers Active Fit for free? 👶

This project is for you.

Choosing the right nappy is one of the ways we can support their growth and keep them comfy in these early months and years. With Pampers, you can rest easy knowing that there will be no pesky leaks, no wetness and no uncomfortable rash. In short, you’ll know that your little one is happy in their nappy!

But, should you take the yellow or the purple route?

Pampers New Baby nappies

Pampers New Baby nappies

For the smallest little ones, Pampers New Baby are the perfect choice. You’ll recognise them by the gorgeous yellow packaging and nappy design. If your little one is a size three or below you’ll need the yellow route but once they grow…

Pampers Active Fit nappies Size 4-6

Pampers Active Fit nappies Size 4-6

…it’s time for the purple route! For older babies and toddlers, Pampers Active Fit nappies offer the same no. 1 skin protection, softness and great absorbency and but are designed for growing toddlers.

Whichever option is right for you, we’re sure your little one will be tickled pink with their new nappy. 😊

Your Squad Goals:

  1. Testing

    Put Pampers New Baby or Pampers Active Fit nappies to the test with your snuggly little bundles or your wriggly little toddlers.

  2. Sharing

    Share great-quality images and fun videos to Instagram and TikTok in which you bust the myth that all nappies are equal and show your friends and followers why Pampers New Baby and Active fit are different from other nappies.

  3. Inviting

    Invite all of your parent pals to get a full value Pampers voucher using your own unique link.

We want you to KNOW that you’re making the best possible choice when it comes to the dryness and comfort of your little ones – and then we want you to share what you’ve learned!

What you’ll receive:

  • Pampers New Baby or Active Fit nappies in your little one’s size
  • A project handbook telling you everything you need to know about the project and about your products
  • A unique discount link to share with friends so that they can try a free essential pack of New Baby Size 3 or Active Fit Taped nappies Size 4-6.

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The application for this project is now closed.

@all: How do you know that you’re making the best choice for your little one?


MouseINhouse Verified 09/01/2023 - 18:44

it's like before the birth of 1 child you don't know which way to put diapers.. you think hmmm? and not of course the head also fits :D but? in a minute!? oh well, this is where the legs come in? .. panic.. you don't know anything... But when your baby is with you, you know it! you just know. Magic! It's the same with choice. I bet on intuition, from my heart 💖

lissa_belle • 23/01/2023 - 17:30

Is there another way to give feedback and not on social media. As checked on your questionnaire - I prefer to speak to “real” people.

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