#ThankYouMidwife this Christmas

#ThankYouMidwife this Christmas

Pampers Squad joined forces with Pampers to say #ThankYouMidwife

29/11/2018 to 02/01/2019

The perfect #ThankYouMidwife post

Over the festive season, hard-working midwives across the UK will leave their families and friends to work all hours of the day (the most common time for a baby to be born is 4am!) to safely bring new little lives into the world – we think that deserves a thank you!

Along with the team at Pampers, we want to give something back to the UK’s wonderful midwives this Christmas and we’d love you to help by sharing your own personal story of how your midwife helped you during labour.

Here’s what we’d like:

  • 1. Log onto your personal account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

  • 2. Share a picture: We’d love to see pics of you and your little one (if you have a ‘new mum’ pic taken moments after you’ve given birth then we’d LOVE to see it)!

  • 3. Share your story: How did your midwife help you? Did they work through the night? Did they stay long after their shift had finished? Did they sing songs or make jokes? Whatever they did, we want to hear your story.

  • 4. The details: Be sure to include: The name of the hospital and, if you can, the name of your midwife.

  • 5. The #HASHTAG: Include #ThankYouMidwife and #PampersSquad and tag Pampers with @Pampersuk_ire. For every 1,000 shares, Pampers will make over a midwifery staffroom.

Done with your post?

Send us the URL link from your post

And, as well as giving something back, we’ll be looking at all of your posts and sharing some lovely prizes for our favourite posts.

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