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Let’s share a smile

Say cheese! It’s National Smile Month and we think it’s time to share our brightest grins with the rest of the Squad. Smiling is contagious after all.

SMILE Thank you Sazzie19, EmmyBilly and Michelle1981 for sharing with us these cutes photos of their bubbas

Few things make our heart melt like watching our little one smile happily and, as it’s officially National Smile Month, what better way to celebrate than by sharing those beaming faces with your followers and fellow mums and dads?

What is it that makes your bubba smile? Does she love it when you blow raspberries on her tummy? Does he find your dancing hilarious? Whatever it is, we’d love to see it. And we’d love to know how they make you smile too!

The idea is this, take a pic (or look through your camera roll) to find the happiest, most smiley pics of your little one. Upload your pics to our gallery and to social media with a post that says how you and your little one make each other smile.

We’ll be going through all of your share a smile snaps and choosing our favourites. The ones which make us smile most will be featured on the blog as always and one lucky winner will receive a £40 Amazon voucher to spend on anything that makes them smile. Full competition terms and conditions can be found here. Submissions need to be received by Sunday 24th 23:59 to be eligible.

Fancy getting involved?

Here’s how to share

It’s super simple and it goes a little something like this:

  1. Take a snap of your little one’s biggest and happiest smile (you can get in on the pic too!)
  2. Upload your photos to the gallery for a chance to be featured on the Squaddie blog
  3. Share to social with a few words about how your little one makes you smile – don’t forget the hashtags #SquaddieHub #PampersSquad #ShareASmile and tag @PampersUK_ire
  4. Share the URL link to your online posts so we can show your creative masterpieces on the Squaddie Hub too!

Upload your photos

Share your URLS

We can’t wait to see your happy, smiley pics.

@all: What does your little one do to make you smile?

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Your unique stories

Every single story about birth is unique, empowering and mind-blowing in its own way. Whether you managed yours in a cool five hours or you were still going 48 hours later, we want to hear all about it.

Birth stories Thank you to Mummytoarealprincess, Louisestretton and ChelseaEsmai for sharing their stories.

Us Squaddies been sharing our stories using the nifty Insta graphic and we thought we’d show you a few of our faves.

@rowan.and.mummy had a super sweet tale of her birth experience at Leicester Royal hospital where her midwives were amazing:

“The care I received after birth was second to none and the midwives were amazing throughout the stay and very reassuring and helpful when it came to learning the ropes of breastfeeding. I'll always be thankful…”

While @workhardparentharder shared her experience with an unplanned caesarean at Watford General:

“17 hours and an urgent caesarean later my little Oliver was born! The midwives at Watford General were amazing angels and I’ll always be grateful for the slice of toast post-surgery.”

We’ve had loads of fab Insta stories to look at too, thanks to everyone else who has shared to Insta.

If you still want to get involved then it’s not too late. Here’s how:

  1. Screenshot or download the graphic on our birth stories post
  2. Go to your Insta stories and use the stamps, gifs and icons to fill in the blank spaces
  3. Be sure to include #PampersSquad and #ThankYouMidwife so that we can see your pics
  4. Send the URL or the screenshot to us so that we can share some with rest of the Squad.

Share the URL to your post


Upload a screenshot of your story

@all: Do you love reading your fellow Squaddies stories?

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Your birth stories

We love celebrating with you and your little one along each step of their journey, and there is no forgetting that momentous day when they came into the world. This week, we want to hear your birth stories.

Your birth stories

As you know, last week was International Day of the Midwife and many of us celebrated by sharing our incredible stories of the men and women who helped us to safely deliver our little bundles into the world.

Now Pampers would love to hear all of your birth stories (that’s right, that includes you 💕) and so they’re making it easier than ever for us to share.

They’ve created a handy template where we can share our stories and how we feel about our midwives (without us having to find the perfect pic or the right words to describe one of the most momentous days of our lives)!

Check out the handy Insta Story template that Pampers have created.

Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Screenshot or download the graphic
  2. Go to your Insta stories and use the stamps, gifs and icons to fill in the blank spaces
  3. Share your story and for added Pampers points, screenshot the pic and share as a post too. Don’t forget to include #PampersSquad and #ThankYouMidwife
  4. Send the URL to us or upload a screenshot so that we can share some with rest of the Squad. Pampers will even be sharing some of these stories on their Insta story! 📱

    We can’t wait to hear from you.

Share your URL to your post


Upload a screenshot of your story

@all: Have you shared your birth story?

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Our favourite Squaddie Shares

What a week we’ve had! We’ve all been celebrating International Day of The Midwife in some way, whether it’s sharing our stories to Instagram, commenting on the blog or just thinking back to that momentous day when our little one came into the world (and giving them an extra cuddle as a result).


Right now, NHS staff are working harder than ever and, as well as going outside and cheering loudly at 8pm every Thursday, we’ve been sharing our birth stories so that the amazing midwives across the country know how appreciated they are.

It’s been so lovely reading all of your tributes to your midwives and we thought we’d share a couple more of our faves:

Squaddie @Evonna shared her amazing story of her breech birth,

I would like to give a massive thank you to Royal London Hospital for respecting my decision to have natural delivery, thank you to the amazing team and a MASSIVE thank you full of greatness and respect to the Jamaican midwife, Del.

Squaddie Sadie @sadiezogi.x, shared her lovely pictures of the day her little one came into the world over on Instagram and the story of her midwife Rebecca. She sums it up beautifully when she says,

Thank you to all midwives for supporting new mummies even through this awful time and putting yourselves at risk. Normal life may be on hold but new life certainly isn’t! You will forever be the rainbow in a cloudy sky.– sob!

Normally, we’d be sharing your best hints and tips right about now but we’ve dedicated this week to midwives everywhere. We do have one very useful bit of advice though, if you’re currently pregnant (or your partner, best pal or sis is) and you’re wondering how things might change in the lead up to the birth, visit @PampersUK_ire for the latest info from the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

And, if you want to share your story and haven’t yet then it’s not too late. Simply post a few words about your midwife to Instagram and tag @pampersUK_Ire and #ThankYouMidwife then share the URL link with us so that we can share it with the rest of the Squad!

Share the URL

@all: What would you say to your midwife if you had chance?

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It’s not too late to thank your midwife

Phew! We’ve been reading your stories about how wonderful your midwives were during labour and we’re feeling a tad teary eyed. Right now, midwives are working harder than ever and doing their job in the toughest circumstances – we think they deserve a boost.


The Squad have been busy sharing their stories…

Squaddie Chloepf said:

“My midwife was amazing from the moment I came in until the moment I got taken up to the ward. She was truly a star, she calmed me down and talked me through everything. Always made sure I was comfortable and had everything I wanted. She reassured me through everything. Best of all she helped me birth my baby girl! #ThankYouMidwife”

During labour, our midwives are the glue that holds everything together. Whether you had the calm water birth you had planned or you required intervention, chances are your midwife was there for you, holding your hand and explaining everything.

If you haven’t done so already then there’s still time to share your personal stories of how your midwife helped you during labour.

Share your story on Instagram!

Tag @pampersUK_Ire and #ThankYouMidwife then share the URL link with us so that we can share it with the rest of the Squad!

Share your URL

@all: How did your midwife help you push through during labour?

Pampers-Team 04/05/2020 - 11:30

Thank you midwives

Our midwives are more than just medical professionals, they act as a lifeline. They’re by our side, helping us to create our birth plan, reminding us how to change a nappy and, during those hours before our babies comes into the world, acting as the rock that helps us push through.

And, right now, they’re working harder than ever to make sure that mums and dad to be feel safe and secure whatever is happening in the outside world.

That’s why the Pampers team continue to financially support The Royal College of Midwives Benevolent fund to help support Midwives in need. And that’s why since 2017, parents like us have said over 40,000 “Thank Yous” with #ThankYouMidwife to show our gratitude to midwives everywhere.

Here’s how to share the love!

We can give midwives everywhere a little boost by creating an explosion of ‘Thank Yous’ across the country. Let’s share our own personal thanks and stories with #ThankYouMidwife on social, and tag @PampersUK_Ire as well. And whilst we’re at it, let’s encourage our parent pals to join in too!

Remember to share your URL link for your post with us, so we can celebrate your wonderful posts on the Squad.😀

Share your URL

We can’t wait to hear from you!

@all: How did your special midwife help you when you gave birth to your little one?

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Our top ideas from Squaddies

We've absolutely loved the learning activities that you've shared with us!

Squaddies Thanks to Squaddie Marzia 1995 and Mammatovalentina for sharing with us these cutes photos of their bubbas

These indoor activities are not only designed to boost your little one´s skills and keep them entertained, but they will also keep you busy and amused!


    @HannaBoo knows how to make her son smile while teaching him new colours and textures by painting with natural yogurt and food colouring. As she commented, bath time quickly followed the creative moment but we are sure it was worth the trouble!


    We all know we need to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean we can´t use our imagination and travel around the world without opening the front door. Hear @Melony’s innovative idea: she´s made a different window display every week so she and her family can enjoy a distinct view and make it feel fresh. Isn’t this a good way to encourage your babies’ curiosity?

And now it is your turn: why not recreate one of the ideas above? Share your photo with us!

Share photo

Or share your creative moments with #PampersSquad and #SquaddieHub, and @pampersuk_ire. Don’t forget to share your links with us afterwards. 😊

Share URL

@all: What do you think is the best idea to keep our bubba's entertained while they learn? Share your thoughts with us!

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Five creative ideas to keep bubs entertained indoors

Classes and kiddie play dates are on hold for the time being but that certainly doesn’t mean your kiddo can’t have a whole ton of fun at home with you. Take a look at some of our ideas for keeping your little ones entertained why you all stay home.

Squaddies Ahoy there, Squaddies. It’s officially week two of the Squaddie Hub and we’ve been paying close attention to your posts, comments and shares. We thought we’d throw a few suggestions your way for those who are running out of ways to keep the little ones happy, busy and entertained.

We’ve even given each post a theme so you can see which will suit your little one. 😃

  1. MUSIC: a music toddler dance party 🎵

    Name something that puts a smile on your face quicker than turning up your favourite tunes and having a boogie? We’ll wait…no? We thought so! Play your favourite music and get your dance on (tip: the more adults involved, the more your little one will love it).

  2. STIMULATE: sensory bags ✋

    This is a fab idea for little ones who are fascinated with how things feel. All you need is some sandwich bags, tape and a few items of unfamiliar textures (think hair gel, toothpaste and chopped nuts). Put a little of each different texture into a plastic bag and let your little one explore and test to their heart’s content. For older babies and toddlers, tape the bags to the wall so that they can practice balancing and reaching too.

  3. ADVENTURE: build a fort 🏰

    Chances are some of your happiest memories as a kiddo are of building forts with your family. Put a deposit in the memory bank when you build a fort and create a big adventure for your little one. All you need is a few chairs, a big sheet and a little imagination. Your little one will love it!

  4. NATURE: make a rainbow 🌈

    Colours and rainbows are two of every toddlers’ favourite things, making this activity a sure-fire hit! All you need is some coloured dots and some felt tip pens. Draw a simple rainbow on a piece of paper (make sure the colours match the dots you have) and tell kiddo to place a row of dots on each line. Not only is this a super fun activity but it improves hand eye co-ordination and focus and, once you’re done, you can put in your living room window to cheer up your neighbours!

  5. COOKING: cooking with colour 🍝

    If your little one loves messy play then this will be a dream afternoon. Cook up a small amount of rice and spaghetti and add natural food colouring to each. Let your little one play and explore the textures and colours and if you have toddlers, encourage them to make pictures using the ingredients.

Which activity are you going to try first? If you take part, why not upload a pic of your little one as they play?

Share your snaps here

Or, take to social media and share your pics with #PampersSquad and #SquaddieHub, and @pampersuk_ire. Then share your links with us.

Share URL

@all: Will you try these ideas or do you have a great one of your own? Share your ideas with the rest of the Squad for a chance to be featured later this week!

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A shout out to perfectly imperfect parents everywhere!


Squaddie larisa.vadevalloo and her perfectly imperfect parenting moment.

We launched the Squaddie Hub on Monday and we’re already hearing from you about your perfectly imperfect parenting moments. It seems like expectation vs reality might just have hit a chord with parents everywhere!

We’ve absolutely loved reading your comments and seeing your posts on Instagram. It seems that life on lockdown with a baby has its highs and its lows, whatever we were expecting.

Take a look at just a couple of our favourites:

Big up to @amumblog who has been taking the time in lockdown to carry out a series of photoshoots with her very active (and very gorgeous!) little one. Hands up if you can relate!

“I’ve been sending family way more photos than I normally would and those images aren’t always easy to capture 📸 No toddlers 👧🏼 were injured in these out takes.”

Thanks to @Littemisspippa who is on lockdown with her four-month-old baby girl and running out of interesting and educational ways to keep her entertained.

“We’ve gone from juggling which baby class/activity to do every week to watching baby club & Tellytubbies most days (I now can’t get the baby club songs out of my head)! As Rosie is still young I’m finding it hard to think of new interesting/educational activities to do with her, I don’t want her to be watching TV/YouTube every day…so your ideas are welcome”

Have you shared your imperfect parenting moments yet?

  1. Share any pictures or videos of parenting moments that didn’t quite pan out as expected.
  2. Upload your photos to the photo gallery for the chance to be featured on the Squaddie Hub and to receive Squad Stars.
  3. Or share your pic or vid on your social media channels using the hashtags #PampersSquad and #SquaddieHub, and tagging the Pampers Team with @pampersuk_ire
  4. Share the URL link to your post with us so we can feature you on the Squaddie Hub too!

Upload your photos here


Submit your URL links here

We’re loving the new Squaddie Hub and can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home and remember there’s no such thing as perfection, doing your best is the name of the game.

@all: Have you planned the perfect activity for your bubba only for it to not quite go as planned? Share your stories here!

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Welcome to the Squaddie Hub!

Expectations vs reality

To all of you awesome Squaddie parents out there,

Hi. My name is Nicole, I am the Pampers Brand Manager for the UK but, most importantly, I am a passionate mother of two. Like all of you, we have been in lock-down for 4 weeks now (which feels more like 4 years!). And like all of you, we have had to adapt to this new reality by bringing the outside in, often continuing our full-time job while home schooling, taking care of the little ones, and maintaining a household.

If you’re like me and you’re a planner, you probably have 20 to-do lists that you love to tick off at the end of the day but very soon you’ll realise that expectation is very different to reality, and it’s not always perfect. But you know what? As long as we’re all healthy, the kids are fed, and we are all happy & sane, that is “perfect” enough.

So, we have learned to embrace the chaos, and just enjoy & appreciate the fact we’re together, safe & sound. And considering that we are all in this together, we would love to hear from you! 😊


Welcome to the Squaddie Hub

At the Pampers Squad, we’re a community. And right now, community matters more than ever. The new Squaddie Hub is a place for us to come together, chat with fellow parents and share ideas and tips so that we can stay happy, active and (at least relatively) calm!

Say hello and share your perfectly imperfect parent moments

Let’s face it, as a parent, things rarely go as planned. We may have prepared the perfect art lesson for our little one only to end up covered in paint (we feel your pain Nicole!) or made a child-friendly cookie recipe and covered the entire kitchen in dough. We think it’s time to make our pals smile and share the reality of these perfectly imperfect parent moments with us and our pals on social media too! 😊

How to get involved:

  1. Let’s say hello and share our favourite perfectly imperfect moments with each other in the comments below.

  2. Take a pic or vid of a perfect parenting moment that didn’t quite turn out as planned.

  3. Upload your photo to the photo gallery for the chance to be featured on the Squaddie Hub and to receive some Squad Stars.

Upload your photos here

Fancy getting social?

Fancy sharing your moments with your pals outside of the Squad, and to be in with the chance of being featured on the Pampers Instagram page?

  1. Post the pic to Instagram or Facebook with hashtags #PampersSquad and #SquaddieHub, and tag the Pampers Team with @pampersuk_ire.

  2. Share the URL link to your post with us so we can feature you on the Squaddie Hub and so you can receive some Squad Stars. 🙂

Submit your URL links here

All that’s left to say is, happy new normal – we’re so glad you’re part of the Squaddie Hub.

@all: Share your expectation vs reality moments!

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